Sara Bareilles

Music Monday … The Negative

Over the last week or so the Waitress recording and I really hit it off. Thanks to my lovely friend A. I own the Sara Bareilles concept-kinda album in addition to the Broadway album and I love them both.

One song I particularly like isn’t featured on the Sara Bareilles album, but it is still important as well as funny and interesting music-wise.

Not only has is the main lyric really funny (“Focus on the negative…!”), but it features one of my favourites lines from the show:

Jenna: Funny how one night can ruin my whole life!
Girls: Don’t go there yet, we don’t know what the test says….

(it happens around the 1:30min mark)

Please, take a listen and tell me how funny these lyrics are with what the music tells us at the same time. I burst into laughter EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Have a great week and I hope your August is off to a good start.


Music Monday … She Used to Be Mine

When I recently (like on Saturday) went back in my Youtube history I re-stumbled across Jessie Mueller singing Sara Bareilles’ “She used to be mine” from the musical Waitress. And while I was listening to it and watching Ms. Mueller – whom I love in Beautiful two years ago as you could read here – sing I remembered the day I showed it to my Mom for the first time. Somehow and I really can’t say why the both of us ended up crying on the couch and my Mom said: “Oh…maybe we should go to NYC again this summer and see shows!”

And although it took us another month until we put that into action and now we’re going. In July.