Why blogging isn’t on top of my priority-list right now….

Folks…I might or might not have noticed posts have not been coming very frequently over here. There are various reasons, but only one of them is really interesting.

As of this week I started my second take on grad school, not in my home- and most recent town of studies, Berlin, but in Leipzig, about an 1-hour-highspeed-train-ride south from there. Earlier this summer I had been accepted to the Master’s dramaturgy programme, so as far as I can see I’ll be some kind of dramaturg in two year’s time. (this is so illusional, but still…). However I didn’t move to Leipzig but stayed in Berlin, because I have good work there, I have contacts and even though I keep complaining about the musical theatre community in Germany – in Berlin we probably are the closest to what that could mean in Germany. Plus I live in this fabulous living arrangement with my mother and can afford an one year unlimited pass to Deutsche Bahn.

Now I’m officially a commuter. As I am typing this I am on the train to Leipzig and I must say: I enjoy the trainrides. I always have.

However, now that I’m adjusting to my new schedule, my new workload and basically a new way of living, blogpost haven’t been coming that regularily and will continue to do so. I’ll try my best to keep up, but I can’t promise anything.

Just take this as a short “hi” from me. And the train. And Leipzig.
Read you soon, guys!


My week #1, Apr 1st – 7th

what I saw:
Don Giovanni at Komische Oper Berlin, 2×1 of Letzte Spur Berlin a German crimi series and the first half of 3rd season Downton Abbey

what I read 
„Der Russe ist einer, der die Birken liebt“ by Olga Grjasnova (The Russian is someone who loves birches) and the first half of „Unfun“ by Matias Faldbakken and started „Aller Tage Abend“ by Jenny Erpenbeck. Some (musical) theatre magazines and essays on voice and cross dressing

what I listened to
Fidelio, Leonore (different versions of the same and only Beethoven opera), Mazeppa (Tschaikowski), I can do better than that (from The last 5 years by Jason Robert Brown)

what I bought
makeup and organic food

what I did 
I ran. I worked. I thought. I attended a very nice training by Nike causing me very sore muscles.

where I travelled
Kleinmachnow. a suburb of Berlin. To take a look at a house that is owned kind of by my family.