I do have a good excuse!

I do have a good excuse!

The last three have been quite a tour de force! All I did was working and working and riding my bike to and from work and I had not time to write about my weekend away seeing Next to Normal in German. But I’m still there and this picture is kind of a teaser to what will be soon up: A nerd’s guide to NYC! 🙂


Newsies on Broadway

ImageWe saw Newsies on Sept. 30th which was a Monday. And most of the Broadway shows don’t do Monday. So we were rather happy when we got tickets, 50% off, but right mezzanine, but okay.

Our seats we nice, and up where they were it wasn’t very crowded (yes, I had room for my legs!), sad thing was that we saw everything from a different angle than ‘planned’ by the creators.

Beforehand I wasn’t too excited to see Newsies, I’ve listened to the recording a couple of times and some of the songs are quite catchy, but I’m not a huge fan of Disney’s musicals per se, so I expected a show good for families and children and some nice music.

And that was totally what I got! I mean okay, some parts I really didn’t like – but not because they were ‘bad’ or ‘not good’, but because I was slightly bored and it wasn’t really my kind of thing.

But let’s talk about the thing being the real deal about Newsies. The dancing. My very first encounter with Newsies was watching the cast appearing on some TV show performing “Kings of New York” – the number where you don’t know if there’s a dance break or a singing break (giving them a break from dancing….) and I was amazed by the pure technical perfection I saw there. And I’d say: If you like dancing and watching people dance in a very acrobatical way Newsies is worth every cent you pay (at least wehn buying discounted tickets…). If we had sat down in the orchestra I definetely would have enjoyed it more than I did though, I really suggest getting orchestra seats for that show because as soon as your point of view changes in comoparison with the ‘optimal’ point of view – which mostly is located somewhere in mid-orchestra – all of the dancing gets a lot less fascinating. Of course we saw everything, but seeing people dance from slightly (or actually: a lot) above is a lot less fun. 

But still, the dancing was (technically) really amazing and I enjoyed watching it – even from slightly above.

My Week #9 Sept 30th – Oct 6th.

what I saw 
Newsies. Very spontaneous because it was Monday night and we hadn’t anything to do. This dancing!
Pippin. Oh Lord! These Bob Fosse-style choreography just killed me. And these circus tricks – I’m sure I’ve had more than one heart attack.
Fetch Clay, Make Man. Visiting the New York Theatre Workshop seeing a play. Nice work, although I’m not into boxing at all plus I don’t know anything about Mohammad Ali.
Matilda. These children are talented, the show where the only diffrence between the child-actors/dancers and the adult-actors/dancers is the difference in height.
The season premiere of Homeland‘s 3rd season. Well. Let’s see what happens next.

what I read    
the American Instyle. The New Yorker. Blogs.

what I listened to
on the plane I finally had the time to do some music listening. Matilda (Stratford), Parade (OBC), Addams Family (OBC). At home I listened to my recently purchased First Date-recording and Ragtime. A lot. And the revival recording of The Last 5 Years, my all time favourite musical.

what I bought 
I went a little clothes shopping, nothing too special except for a cap/hat-thingy looking rather 20ies.

what I did  
NYC stuff. Met two friends, firstly Victoria I met in Israel last summer when we were in the same class (thanks again for lunch, Michael!), and Sarah a friend from university back in Germany (who came over with her mom and her sister) and we shared a fabulous Whole Foods lunch in Union Square Park!
Flew home, had coffee with my loveliest friend – by the way he’s fabulous.

where I travelled
home. 5’11” (180cm) in a plane for eight hours straight. Overnight. And yes, it was as fetching as it sounds.

NYC Aventures Overview

This morning at 7:15 German time we arrived in Berlin after a weird flight with the people in front of me almost crashing my kneecaps (because “long legs, little space” is a not that good combination) and currently my brain doesn’t really feel like thinking but more like listening to music. All day. Nonetheless I really wanted to give an overview of what to expect in the next couple of days or week(s) or whatever.

I spend 10 gorgeous days in NYC, kinda the city of my dreams and did a lot of stuff. One thing was already shared in the post before the last one.

I really want to write something at least about every show I saw (Once, Big Fish, First Date, Newsies, Pippin, Fetch Clay Make Man and Matilda) and some of the other stuff we did.

And: What would you day if I wrote more stuff about (musical) theatre, whatever I watch? A theatre blog? Who’d read that?

My Week #8 Sept 24th – 29th.

what I saw 
Flora’s Dance. A 45 minute long (short) play with puppets performed by three Israeli puppet-players/actresses. Very nice. I totally remembered that somehow puppets are ‘allowed’ to do stuff that you would think as rather cheesy when performed by ‘real’ performers.
Nice fighting you. The concert at New Yorks 54below I wrote a about. Still: One of the best nights of my life.
Once. O to the M to the G. There will be another blogpost about that. I can only say: I cried all through second act.
Big Fish. Again. Blog post. Again. Cried.
First Date. Another nice Broadwayexperience. Another Blogpost, sooner rather than later. And: a totally original story (hasn’t been a book or a movie or a picture, an exhibition or whatsoever before)

what I read    
mostly playbills. although I did some magazine as well as novel-reading (Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom) on the plane.

what I listened to
Sadly not much. From time to time I listened to songs from the shows we saw at night before bed.

what I bought 
I did some major damage at Barnes & Noble where they actually do have musical recordings. Oh Lord, I bought some. A few. Well….that ‘few’ was actually a lie.

what I did  
Does anyone want to have a “What I did in NYC”-Post? I could do that. A “what a nerd does in that city”-kinda thing. Tell me. 🙂

where I travelled
Well, where am I now? Right: New York City. To be precise: Times Square, Manhattan.