5 Things I am looking forward to…

…doing once I handed in my MA thesis

I have talked about my MA thesis on here before, but now that it’s like around 5.5 weeks before I have to hand in that bad boy (or girl, haven’t decided yet) on June 1st my motivational list featuring ALL the amazing things I’ll do once I have this thesis finished grows. And I though it’d be fun to share. Especially since I guess there are a couple of things on there that only SOUND really attractive right now but won’t be anymore the moment I officially had time for them – the procrastination-witch probably makes them sound soooo good, then.

  1. watching the 5th season of Homeland. During the first two seasons I was like a die-hard fan of that show. Wasn’t too sure about the third and even more the fourth season then. Anyways – the 5th season is set in Berlin and it’s airing in German right now so basically everybody and their dog is watching it. I am not. Because I’m saving it. The fact that it basically will be summer once I’ve handed in the thesis won’t stop me.
  2. getting back into translating. The last thing I translated was Ryan Scott Oliver’s “Leave Luanne” for the last installment of schreib:maschine mid-March. Since then I’ve been riding my bike belting out German translations to one specific song, realizing that I’m neither a tenor nor a soprano (who knew? Well….I did!). And there’s a whole show waiting to be translated.
  3. cleaning, tidying up and purging – well, that might be a thing the procrastination-witch makes sound VERY attractive. But I have the feeling in case I have to move this summer I’ll happy about every box of books that I don’t have to move. Very, very happy. And maybe I’ll read Marie Kondo’s hit-book and get on the very hip minimalist-band waggon?
  4. making more of the last months of my BahnCard100. Since I have been a long-distance-commuter between Berlin and Leipzig for the last four semesters I have this very handy thing called BahnCard100 which entitles you to go on basically ANY train in Germany free of charge – because you paid for it in advance. It’s like a train flatrate. And I have placed to go this summer because I want to see all my friends and acquaintances perform in their summer shows. And I kind of decided I want to pay a return-visit to Lotte in Wetzlar since I’m REALLY up for a good cry and listening to the CD just doesn’t fix that. 😉
  5. Looking forward to the things that might come up. Or not. As of today my future is not set. I don’t know what I’ll be doing come fall. And I really try not to be too stressed out about that. Let’s see if that works.

5.5 more weeks. Good lord, time flies. I can’t wait to hand it in but at the same time I really don’t want to…Aaaaarg.


My week #7 Sept 16 – 23

what I saw 
Dirty Hands (Sartre) directed by Jette Steckel at DT Berlin. I liked it. Kind of. I mostly liked the thought of another actress playing Olga than the one who as actually playing the part.
Murmel, Murmel remember last week when I saw these two Herbert Fritsch productions at Volksbühne? Well, that was the third and it was the best. Mostl because I had the feeling that Fritsch couldn’t just be lazy only finding kind of easy pictures for the texts. Because: When people say “Murmel” for 90 minutes that’s not much of a text, right? 😉
A midsummernight’s dream (Benjamin Britten) at Komische Oper directed by Viestur Kairish. Nope I didn’t like that one. Let’s not get started here….

what I read    
my friend’s BA thesis. And mine. And the others’ comments on mine. And again: mine.

what I listened to  
Drew Gasparini: I could use a drink. Great songs, great singers. Go, listen to them on iTunes!

what I bought 
some vacation preparational stuff.

what I did  
first things first: I finished off my BA thesis! Yay! My friend is gonna bring it to the examination office tomorrow. That’s some good new, right?
Other than that: Nothing much. I worked on the new webpage to represent the project I’m working for. I went out for dinner with my two “criminal dinner”-bosses. I had an amazing night with my best friend at a great bar with great wine.

where I travelled
the nightly Berlin. Again. This time: Less drunk, more bike-fun. I really love riding my bike across the city for 45 minutes at night. It’s amazing. It would have been even more amazing if it was still summer, but…..(sadly I didn’t to that at all this summer, but the next summer will arrive sooner or later…)

My week #6 Sept 9 – 15

what I saw 
Frau Luna directed by Herbert Fritsch at Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.
Die (s)panische Fliege, same people, same location. (Since I’ve never seen one of his price winning productions and now Volksbühne shows all three of them in two weeks I needed to see them. Not really the stuff I like, but….well. You need to do things)

what I read    
Some BA thesis re-reads. Again.

what I listened to  
basically the same as the week before.

what I bought 

what I did  
My bike broke and was repaired and now it’s good as new. Wrote huge amounts on my thesis. Almost finished, needs some fine-tuning though. The criminal dinner entertainment I work for opened the new season with the new play on Saturday. It was superb and gorgeous and we had some nice party afterwards. 😉

where I travelled
the nightly Berlin. By train. (because: Remember my bike??)

Back from summer?

Well, I guess someone (read: me) had three months of blogging-summer-break. Now with the new theatre season right peeking right around the corner I’ll try to hop back onto the blogging-waggon. Sounds stupid? Yeah, pretty much. 🙂

Since some stuff happened in my life I’ll give some updates right here. Just for the records. a) I’ll (hopefully) finish my BA thesis in the next two weeks and hand it in. (for those being interested its title will be: “Don’t compare. Construction of Self and Other in ‘Third Generation’ and ‘I love I'” … those are two theatrical performances bringing performers from different countries in the Middele East on stage together)

b) right after that I’ll leave for a ten day trip to New York City with my lovely mother. Kind of as a BA-graduation-mark. Since I secretly am a Broadway-fangirl, we’ll watch a number of shows (6 to be exact) and explore the city that never sleeps. I’m so EXCITED!

c) after we’ll return to Berlin I’ll have another week off before I’ll start my MA-programme. After having majored in theatre studies for three years (was it THAT long ago that I started university?) I’ll now concentrate more on the dance-aspects. I’m enrolled in the dance studies MA programme at Freie Universität Berlin.

Everything else we’re gonna see. Anyways, I’m very excited for fall and winter although it will include lots and lots of working – but as we all know, it’s pretty nice to have work in theatre business, right?

Oh and btw: My first theatregoing-experience this season (if we don’t count that open air video installation ‘Slow Dancing’ I saw mid-August) has been ‘Uncle Vanya’ directed by Jürgen Gosch at Deutsches Theater Berlin last Sunday.  And it terribly reminded me why I love theatre ifself but hate most of the people in the audience. Well. Yeah.

‘See’ you soon.

What are you going to do with THAT?

*Disclaimer: Irony included*


People ask: So, what do you study?
You answer: I’m a theatre studies major.
People raise an eyebrow. Some people think: There is such a thing?

But your answer continues: And I’m also studying German literature (at this point people usually don’t care anymore) and Hebrew (they raise the second eyebrow).

People ask (after you explained that NO, you WON’T be an actress): Well, nice – but what are you going to do with that one day?

Now you have two options:
a) Say the truth:
I want to be a dramaturg, I’m not sure I’ll get a job, but I really like what I’m doing. And I just don’t care about anything else.

b) Lie:
Well, there are some very nice and secure options. As everyone knows theatre studies graduates are very very rare and everyone wants to employ them. They’re like the biggest deal. Haven’t heard of that? Oh – I’m so sorry!

but most of the people will think:
She’s gonna be unemployed. And we will pay for her food. Because the state will be. F*ck the theatre studies majors!

what they will say is:
Nice! Interesting, it must be so fun to go tot he theatre all the time.

what they mean by saying that:
I can go to, see theatre performances. Everyone can. Why does she have to study that?

As if that theatre studies part wasn’t enough – when I mention Hebrew people go all crazy about that.

They say: What? Why Hebrew? Are people speaking that anymore?

To the last question the answer (of course) is:

Yes, I heard people doing so, I have friends speaking Hebrew as their first language!

The other one: That’s to totally different story. I’ll tell you another time.

So – stay tuned. For my: Why Hebrew?-Confession. 🙂