Jasper in Deadland

Music Monday … Lifesong

I’m sure there is the occasional Monday that just isn’t for you.

My Monday was a little something like that, mostly because I went up to Hamburg yesterday and my Sunday wasn’t really a Sunday (normally me on Sundays: hit the gym before lunch and then do nothing. or…next to nothing). And then I “lost” a day of sitting in a library and write little and procrastinate lots – instead I had to go to Leipzig and back and then run a couple of errands. Anyway…

On those Mondays when you are tired and all “meh” and “WEEKEND!” – and for all the other Mondays, too! – go and listen to the gorgeous Andi Alhadeff letting out here (inner) Persephone by singing “Lifesong” from Jasper in Deadland.

Mostly because Jasper is a fabulous show and the albums will be released this month if I remeber correctly! So YAY!

And go and watch / listen, ok? Will you? Will you? Will you?

I hope your week was off to a great start!



Music Monday … Living Dead

I know, I have featured the musical this song is from already. For those who don’t remember it’s right here. But over the last couple of days I remember how much I loved the energy of the New York production of Jasper in Deadland (thoughts on that are to be up here soon, I promise!) and I went a little crazy over Living Dead, especially this version from 2011 linked below. I love how the music produces energy producing the music producing the music. (I know, logically, this isn’t possible, but remember: theatre scholar talking about music, right here!)

So, listen and take a moment to appreciate the rawness of the music and the energy. 🙂 And: Happy Monday, folks!

Music Monday … Stroke By Stroke


On Sunday, March 30th I saw a performance of Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster’s show Jasper in Deadland Off-Broadway. RSO’s music already had been featured in my Music Monday series before, but this song from the show is so amazing! I just really love how the rhythm of the music resembles the rhythm of swimming (or how I imagine it to be….I’m so not into swimming, I could totally be making this up! But it kind of sounds like running and swimming can be quite similar to running, right?) – a fighting, struggeling kind of swimming at least, the water is giving you a hard time… And it’s actually performed a few times during the show at different points of the story and everytime is kind of gets a new vibe.

Anyways – I REALLY hope for a recording of that gorgeous music, because: I like the show and the music so much. (detailed thoughts will be up soon, though…)