dance studies

Do You Dance?

also known as “So, you dance, right?”.

That’s basically the reaction after you tell people from a non-theatre researcher-backround that you are enrolled in a dances studies MA programme. I mean, I know how to conquer these sort of weird questions because for the past three years I had been studying something that made people ask “So you wanna be an actress!” (nope, I don’t. If I wanted to be one I’d applied to performing arts schools.).

Right after I had been on stage with the performance I wrote about in my post “Theatrical Birth // Theatergeburtstag” I decided that I am not a performer at all and that there are things I am definitely better at than performing. That was around the time when I decided I wanted to be a dramaturg. And nothing has changed in this department. So, now I am enrolled in a dance studies programme and people ask me “Do you dance?” or tell me “Right, you had been dancing for so long as a kid!” all the time.
But people: I’m not there to dance.
Of course, I have been attending dance classes for a little more than 12 years of my 23 year long life – and I have enjoyed it all the way – but this has absolutely nothing to do with me being intersted in dance studies today. There are people beginning to study theatre studies and they tell people “I liked drama in school!” or “I’ve taken drama for the last three years of school.” or “At home I was in this drama club and now I’m here!” and to be honest, it’s great that they enjoyed being on stage so much, but I never have understood them properly. I am not saying that this is the wrong way to approach your studies. What I am saying that this’d be the wrong approach to me. If I enjoy doing things so much I enjoy doing them and not watching other people doing them, right?
For example: Last week I was sick and I could not run or go to the gym. One day my sister send me a pic of her running shoes on her feet with her running tights on and the caption “Morning Run!” and I was like: Noooooooo! You don’t do this to a runner who can’t run!
Do you get my point?

At some point I’ve realized that I enjoyed watching people do stuff on stages much more than I enjoyed being one of those people on stage doing stuff. I am not a “Hey, look at me!”-kind of person. And most important I am NOT an actress or a dancer.
What doesn’t mean that I am not aware of my body in a presence-kind of way. All of you following me on twitter (if you don’t, you should @Lisanne_Wi) get a sense of my running-gym-adventures and I am a rather picky eater because I know what my body likes in order to work well (in a very basic sense of: functioning and me being able to be happy). I know how my body does and reacts (to) certain stuff and I know how certain movements (might) impact my/your/a body. But that of course doesn’t mean that I have to do this all the time. In a way I hate moving/doing dance stuff around people I’ve originally met to work with as a researcher.

The other day some people I know from my BA studies had a performance (sadly I couldn’t see it) in a performing arts festival and right when they told me about it, I was like: Damn, why am I not with them? (because I still think I’m a good thinker and I can do theatre.) But then I remembered that I don’t perform.

So basically the conclusion of this post could be: NO! Theatre scholars are not actors and dance scholars are not dancers. They might not even like to dance or act. And they might not even like/love theatre in the first place.

Are you studying something that makes people think you do stuff different from what you REALLY do?
I’d be delighted to hear about it. 🙂


My Week #24, Feb 2nd – Feb 9th

Although this blog was a little abandoned this past week I still have some week-stuff to share. 😉

what I saw
I went to the theatre three times,
1) Sophiensaele: Die Geschichte des Soldaten Elik – a thing that deals with the real story of a former special force soldier from Israel (who now is a dancer) and Stravinski’s composition of “Histoire du Soldat”. It mostly was good, a thing that made me happy about three quaters – the last part of the evening was little off and I was kind of feeling embarrassed for them.
2) Vaganten Bühne: Friedrich Hollaenders Tingel Tangel – an evening programme packed with songs of Friedrich Hollaender, a colleague of mine was in it, so I came to watch. A strange thing because I think the most important part of it was the songs, but somehow they decided to have some ridiculous kind of plot around them.
3) Theater am Kurfürstendamm: Motown – Eine Legende – well….I mean, I should have known what to expect. I mean…those theatres at Kurfürstendamm are so occupied by TOTALLY WEIRD productions it’s not even funny even more. Nonetheless we decided to give Motown a shot (actually….who’d just say no to Motown music?). Well….it was a bad decision. Let’s just stop here. Bad. Decision. The singers were great but everything else was just….

what I read    
HAHA. the latest issue of ‘musicals’ magazine.

what I listened to
Parade! Parade! Parade! And some snippets of the Big Fish Cast recording (which is just a gorgeous piece of recording-technology and voices!)

what I did  
a very dear friend I met during our time in Haifa two years ago came over from her home town and we did some stuff and other than that mostly uni, working stuff.


My Week #18, Dec. 7th – 14th

Well, that was the week of my Mom’s birthday – which was yesterday and I had to spend pretty much all day at university. 😦 But nevertheless we had a great time together, we always have since we live together (even though we don’t really see each other very often these days). I love you, Mama.

what I saw
mostly the criminal dinner entertainment thingies again, and pretty much most of Smash’s Season 2 – except for the last two episodes. And Kiel. I saw Kiel, again.

what I read    
some dance studies texts. Magazines.

what I listened to
Scott Alan’s “Live” – that re-listen was so needed.

what I bought 
mostly food.

what I did  
I worked, a lot actually, went to Kiel to meet some amazing people over there and went back, my cold became more intense once more and then I had a two day intensive class at uni.

where I travelled
to Kiel. And back the next day. 🙂

Back from summer?

Well, I guess someone (read: me) had three months of blogging-summer-break. Now with the new theatre season right peeking right around the corner I’ll try to hop back onto the blogging-waggon. Sounds stupid? Yeah, pretty much. 🙂

Since some stuff happened in my life I’ll give some updates right here. Just for the records. a) I’ll (hopefully) finish my BA thesis in the next two weeks and hand it in. (for those being interested its title will be: “Don’t compare. Construction of Self and Other in ‘Third Generation’ and ‘I love I'” … those are two theatrical performances bringing performers from different countries in the Middele East on stage together)

b) right after that I’ll leave for a ten day trip to New York City with my lovely mother. Kind of as a BA-graduation-mark. Since I secretly am a Broadway-fangirl, we’ll watch a number of shows (6 to be exact) and explore the city that never sleeps. I’m so EXCITED!

c) after we’ll return to Berlin I’ll have another week off before I’ll start my MA-programme. After having majored in theatre studies for three years (was it THAT long ago that I started university?) I’ll now concentrate more on the dance-aspects. I’m enrolled in the dance studies MA programme at Freie Universität Berlin.

Everything else we’re gonna see. Anyways, I’m very excited for fall and winter although it will include lots and lots of working – but as we all know, it’s pretty nice to have work in theatre business, right?

Oh and btw: My first theatregoing-experience this season (if we don’t count that open air video installation ‘Slow Dancing’ I saw mid-August) has been ‘Uncle Vanya’ directed by Jürgen Gosch at Deutsches Theater Berlin last Sunday.  And it terribly reminded me why I love theatre ifself but hate most of the people in the audience. Well. Yeah.

‘See’ you soon.