#MusicMonday … Journey to the Past

Als ich gesten die erste Episode des Broadway.com-Vlogs von Christy Altomare in der Musicalfassung von Anastasia sah, erinnerte ich mich daran, wie gern ich den Animationsfilm aus den 90ern mag und als Kind mochte. Aber noch lieber erinnere ich mich daran, wie ich vor knapp vier Jahren (!) zum ersten Mal im 54below in New York saß, leicht angetrunken vom Weißwein und meine Mutter und ich einen Tisch mit einem extrem charmanten schwulen (Ehe-)Paar teilten. Es gab das Anniversary-Konzert des Duos Lynn Ahrens und Stephen Flaherty, es sangen LaChanze und Stephanie J. Block und Norm Lewis und ich war weggeblasen. Das war übrigens auch der Moment, in dem ich mich in den Sound von Ragtime verliebte – aber das ist hier nebensächlich.

Eigentlich geht es nämlich um etwas anderes und zwar um Liz Callaway, die also vor uns auf der Bühne stand (wir saßen nicht besonders weit weg), die 22-jährige Lisanne davor (wir erinnern uns: leicht angetrunken…) und dann singt sie, die amerikanische Originalstimme aus dem Film, dieses Lied. Ich war sehr berührt und weggeblasen und das Paar mit uns am Tisch verdrückte ein paar Tränchen, was mich noch mehr rührte. Aber es ist auch einfach immer noch einfach so gut.
Und irgendwie hat man manchmal einfach das Gefühl, etwas besonderes erlebt zu haben – auch wenn es nur ist, wie Liz Callaway im 54below “Journey to the Past” singt.



Music Monday … For a Minute

Hey my dear theatrical friends, it has been a while!

What could possibly be better than a good ol’ #MusicMonday to somewhat get back into the blogging thing?

Let’s start again with a relatively recent find music-wise to shake it up a little bit.

If you are following my Instagram or my Facebook-page you might know that I basically spend the first half of July in New York City (“the greatest city in the world…” – bonus points for everyone who just read this in full-on Angelica-mode) and got to see many, many amazing things on stage specifically.

One of the most exciting days EVER ended with me and my Mom (best travel-companion EVER!) at 54below one table over from @BroadwayGirlNYC listening to Drew Gasparini and his fabulous guests being amazing and presenting new songs and older ones. (and enjoying the strong Gin Tonics they serve there. I am not kidding these Gin Tonics are….well….let’s just not talk about an aging Theaterkind and the alcohol)

What probably was my favourite song of the evening (along with “Float”) made it onto Youtube and I have to admit I’ve listened to that one more than once since it went up. Much more. 🙂

So, sit back and enjoy!

Music Monday … You Don’t Know

Last Monday I went to a small concert in which class mates of a close friend of mine presented translation works of another fellow class mate (that sounds confusing?!) – anyway, there I realized that there are certain songtitles repeating themselves. In this concert we had two “Quiet”s, the Jonathan Reid Gealt one and the Tim Minchin one from Matilda. And this #MusicMonday one is another one of these more common songtitles. I mean this all could be just in my head, but one of my FAVOURITE songs from Next to Normal is “You don’t know”, so….. Anyway, this one is one of the songs added in when they kind of re-vamped Bare: A Rock Opera to be Bare: The Musical Off-Broadway in 2012. I recently discovered this song and this rendition in particular when I was on a “YAY! Let’s listen to ALL the songs written by female composers on Youtube!”-trip. The one thing I’ll say before I send you off to listen (and watch!) this video is: Does anyone else gets this really intense feeling that the music is pressing down on you when (female) voices are arranged rather closely together?

(btw. that’s the composer Lynne Shankel playing the piano)

What are you listening to today on this hot summer Monday?

Music Monday … Man in the Mirror

This isn’t a typical Music Monday this week. No show tunes, not at all. But: a video filmed at 54below and Matt Doyle whom I’ve seen in Jasper in Deadland this past spring. And I’ve simply been obsessed with his version of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror, as I’ve already expressed on my twitter account.

So, to start off this new week – the last week of August – let’s all just take a minute and apprechiate this one, okay?

What are you listening to today?And: Have a great week!