Music Monday

#MusicMonday … Steal with Style

Long time no #MusicMonday, right?

Well, I settled into my new life in Wiesbaden and since I’ve been listening to one album obsessively since it came out last Friday this was destined to happen.

It’s not a secret that I am a fan of Steven Pasquale ever since he worked his magic in “The Bridges of Madison County”, right? Now the recording of his latest show, the Off-Broadway production of “The Robber Bridegroom”, was released and HELL YEAH! The most voice-magic probably happens during “Steal with Style”. So before you go off and listen to the whole thing (because the ladiest and other gentlemen on this CD are just as amazing) here are two short clips of of “Style with Style”.

Have a good new week!



Music Monday … The Negative

Over the last week or so the Waitress recording and I really hit it off. Thanks to my lovely friend A. I own the Sara Bareilles concept-kinda album in addition to the Broadway album and I love them both.

One song I particularly like isn’t featured on the Sara Bareilles album, but it is still important as well as funny and interesting music-wise.

Not only has is the main lyric really funny (“Focus on the negative…!”), but it features one of my favourites lines from the show:

Jenna: Funny how one night can ruin my whole life!
Girls: Don’t go there yet, we don’t know what the test says….

(it happens around the 1:30min mark)

Please, take a listen and tell me how funny these lyrics are with what the music tells us at the same time. I burst into laughter EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Have a great week and I hope your August is off to a good start.

Music Monday … For a Minute

Hey my dear theatrical friends, it has been a while!

What could possibly be better than a good ol’ #MusicMonday to somewhat get back into the blogging thing?

Let’s start again with a relatively recent find music-wise to shake it up a little bit.

If you are following my Instagram or my Facebook-page you might know that I basically spend the first half of July in New York City (“the greatest city in the world…” – bonus points for everyone who just read this in full-on Angelica-mode) and got to see many, many amazing things on stage specifically.

One of the most exciting days EVER ended with me and my Mom (best travel-companion EVER!) at 54below one table over from @BroadwayGirlNYC listening to Drew Gasparini and his fabulous guests being amazing and presenting new songs and older ones. (and enjoying the strong Gin Tonics they serve there. I am not kidding these Gin Tonics are….well….let’s just not talk about an aging Theaterkind and the alcohol)

What probably was my favourite song of the evening (along with “Float”) made it onto Youtube and I have to admit I’ve listened to that one more than once since it went up. Much more. πŸ™‚

So, sit back and enjoy!

Music Monday … To Build A Home

This #MusicMonday was inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda who shared this video on his twitter and brought this back to my mind.

I guess we all know the song, right? It’s from Jason Rorbert Brown’s The Bridges of Madison County (that will be done in Germany next season!) – so this week isn’t that much about getting to know a song although it’s gorgeous and everyone should listen to it. All the time.

I wanted to make this week’s #MusicMonday about purity and courage (and maybe even honesty) in performances. Because this, ladies and gentlemen is an AMAZING example.

But sit back and see for yourselves.

And think and enjoy the sun (at least here in Berlin).


Music Monday … with no music?

Late night #MusicMonday?

Yes, please!

After a weekend full of talking, meeting and sitting on trains travelling across the country (Berlin – Stuttgart – Hanau – Leipzig – Berlin in four days) I’m back home and thinking about music. (no, that’s wrong: I’m thinking about my MA thesis and about stuff.)

Anyways – I really don’t have to share a song with you today. I listened to Hamilton A LOT this past weekend plus whenever the wifi on trains was working I took advantage of my iTunes music subscription to listen to the Jasper in Deadland album that was just released last week.


So today I ask you: What are you listenting to these days? What’s your favourite musical theatre associated song theses days? What’s something you return to over and over and over again?

Music Monday … Blackout

On Saturday I realized I hadn’t listened to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first big Broadway hit In the Heights in quite a while. I don’t know exactly why, but In the Heights really is a summer-listen to me and although temperatures dropped over the last couple of days (don’t even get me started on how cold I was when I rode my bike home at 3:30 in the morning on Sunday) I decided it’s that time of the year already.

There’s a lot of fabulous songs in that show, that make me cry on a regular basis, but one of my all-time favourites definitely is the Act I finale “Blackout”. And I really have nothing else to say about that.

Just listen and feel a little bit summery already!


Music Monday … Sorrow Done

The other day Ryan Scott Oliver – and people know I value his work BIG TIME! – uploaded a number of videos from the We Foxes / Rope concert at 54below back in March. This concert actually happened the very same day German versions of two of his songs from 35MM premiered at schreib:maschine in Berlin – total conincidence, right?


Anyway – I never knew many of the songs really well before, but these videos changed EVERYTHING. It’s just real good music (and cool orchestrations!) played by amazing instrumentalists (that violinist!) and sung by amazing singers. Over the last couple of days I became totally obsessed with the performance of Kerstin Anderson as Willa – seriously, she’s AMAZING. And while Sorrow Done is a real good example of that I definitely suggest that you check out the whole playlist RSO has created for the We Foxes part of the concert, because it’s just….ah….I have to repeat myself….really cool. πŸ™‚



and here’s the complete playlist:

Music Monday … For Good

“Good Lord, Lisanne! Are you serious? Giving us such a blockbuster kind of song for #MusicMonday?” – that’s what you might say.

And I say: YES!

After I’ve spend the past week with Stacy Wolf’s AMAZING book “Changed for Good. A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical” (it’s amazing! If you have the opportunity to read it, READ IT!) I needed some Wicked in my life. So yesterday for my Sunday afternoon spend in the library I pulled out my old and baggy Wicked hoodie I got when my Mom took us to see the show in Stuttgart when I was 16 or 17 years old, and today I’m giving you that good ol’ tune (not to mention that I’ll definitely will wear that hoodie again, because: Why not? Girl gotta be comfy while working, right?).

Have fun!

And it’s Stephanie J. Block singing – who can say no to this?

And while we’re at it…can we please take another minute out of your Mondays to listen to Emmy Raver-Lampmann riffing the sh*t out of “The Wizard and I” – I swear to whatever you like me to swear to that THIS will make your Monday be filled with joy and happiness.

Music Monday … She Used to Be Mine

When I recently (like on Saturday) went back in my Youtube history I re-stumbled across Jessie Mueller singing Sara Bareilles’ “She used to be mine” from the musical Waitress. And while I was listening to it and watching Ms. Mueller – whom I love in Beautiful two years ago as you could read here – sing I remembered the day I showed it to my Mom for the first time. Somehow and I really can’t say why the both of us ended up crying on the couch and my Mom said: “Oh…maybe we should go to NYC again this summer and see shows!”

And although it took us another month until we put that into action and now we’re going. In July.



Music Monday … Broadway

Ok, I don’t know for how much longer this clip is going to stay up on Youtube, but I’m sure it will be long enough for you to enjoy it at least once.

Yesterday I FINALLY started on the Gypsy-Chapter of my Master thesis (only 6 days late….wow….) and I’ve made it kind of a tradition to listen to the recordings of the shows I write about while writing – which led to exessive listening to Patti LuPone belting out “Blow, Gabriel, Blow” the week before.

Anyways…while I went back to Gypsy I began to particularly like the “Broadway”-track from the West Ende Revival recording, which is a part of the “Dainty June and her Farmboys”-routine Momma Rose has her girls to in an audition. And somehow I’m a) really smitten with the way June is like really hitting the good ol’ Broadway-vibe in her part (around the 1:20 minute mark) and b) I just LOVE the way the music in Gypsy pretends to be older than it really is and in “Broadway” they really celebrate that! Plus: I mean – isn’t that whole orchestra-pretending-to-be-a-train-thing HILARIOUS? It’s giving my a great time in the library at least. πŸ˜‰

I hope your week is off to a good start and you’re listening to cool things on this Monday!