Special Day

A short thing on why May 27th was a very special day for me

On May 27th an era kind of came to an end. I saved a 85 pages Word-Document as a PDF file, hit the copyshop and printed it out five times, had it bound and took it home. There I put three of the copies in an envelope, put the address of my university on there and got it ready to take to Leipzig the next day.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was my Master thesis.
It’s finished.
It’s dropped off at the Prüfungsbüro.

Now the era of not thinking about sex and musicals and feminism in musicals all day every day begins!

On Friday I took my mother to see my friend Eric Lee Johnson for his solo show debut at a small and very charming theatre in Berlin Schöneberg. I remember when we last got together for a coffee Eric told me he might sing a song by Marc Schubring that I translated for a student of his earlier this year (which marked the first time someone asked me to translate something). To be honest I was all ike: Yeah, let him talk – and let’s see if that REALLY happens. (sorry, Eric…)

Then last Friday I met a mutual friend of ours and she was like “You know, he’s gonna sing “Completely Different” – and Marc’s gonna be here!”. And then that’s what happened.

As I’m still in the very beginning of my translating it’s VERY exciting to hear my German words being sung by people who aren’t me torturing my neighbours with endless shouting and trying to be a soprano or a tenor… Only when someone that isn’t me sings those German words I can listen to it as a dramaturg and judge it the way I would do translations by others and that’s not only very productive, but also a rather healthy thing to do.

And last week’s Friday Eric sung those words and it was the first time ever someone sung a translation of mine without me being in the back producing it, organizing it, putting together musical rehearsals or trying to make everybody feel comfortable about the lack of said rehearsals…and it was A MA ZING!

Thank you, Eric!
And thank you, Marc, for the music that works so well (I think) with German!

That special Friday was more than a week ago today, but I’m still mesmerized and I’m sure I’m gonna treasure that day for a while longer. 😉 Even and especially after I’ve graduated from my current MA programme and I’ll be an unemployed dramaturg.

But before that will be the case my classmates are organizing a festival in Leipzig – and they need money, because – let’s be honest here – who doesn’t? We’ve 11 more days of startnext crowdfunding left, and honestly I think everyone should be wanting to be part of the funding crowd for a dramaturgy-festival. Who has ever seen such a thing?

Wanna help? Head over to:





On Why Theaterkind is Still Rocking a Kinda Feminist Tony-Motto on Facebook

(disclaimer: I know named last week #WomenInTheatre-week, but I’ll take it as someone pointed out early last week, when she said “Shouldn’t every week be #WomenInTheatre-week?!”. And I’m like hell, yeah!)

I think even way before the nominations for the 2015 Tony Awards had been announced a thing started on various social media platforms – in my eyes mainly on twitter and it might have been the girls from The Interval NY who started it in the first place.

The “thing” was a hashtag, the hastag #Tesori2015 to be exact. To me it meant “we” – what ever that very flowy and ever changing ‘we’ on the internet is – were rooting for Jeanine Tesori, the composer of Fun Home, to win the 2015 Tony Award for best score (together with Lisa Krohn). And although I’m German and (sadly) living MILES and MILES and MILES away from the place of action – that is: New York City – I was so rooting with them.

In the weeks from the announcement of the nominations leading up to the actual Awards there was a lot of talk and bringing up of statistics happening. Important and kind of shocking pieces of information were put up on the internet – like the one that Jeanine Tesori is, with her nominations for both Shrek (2008) and Fun Home, the female composer (for theatre) with the most Tony nominations in Tony-history! Or that – in case of her win – she’d be the first female composer from a musical theatre background to win. The first EVER female composer to win a Tony for best score was Cyndi Lauper in 2013 for Kinky Boots.


2013 – the first EVER female composer. Back then it were the 67th Tony Awards.

And now 2015 #Tesori2015 really happened. And along with it also the history making fact that Fun Home won “Best Musical” as the first musical ever to be written entirely by women, focussing on a female character, having SO MANY amazing female parts in it.

I mean – really?! It’s been effing 2015!

As you might or might not know I’m all in for gender equality and gender parity and general awareness about these things not happening most of the time. And this is also why – as pathetic as it sounds – I was about to do something very, very stupid and impulse-buy plane tickets to the big ol’ city of musical theatre and be there, see the shows that created such a buzz. Long story short I didn’t do it. But I have plans….

Anyway….the reason why I am writing this is to say something about why I still hold the “#Tesori2015”-flag high, most prominently on the profile pic on the Theaterkind facebook page, even though it’s SO June 2015 and we all know two months is a CRAZY long time on the fast and ever changing internet. I think this might be a sign, some kind of slogan to keep reminding us about women making theatre history this year and also reminding us that we still aren’t somewhat near gender parity when it comes to who gets to be heard in artistic contexts – both in the US and in Germany as well.

I mean – we’re living in bloody 2015 and women have come so far and there are people saying we should be happy with what we have achieved and can do, but: NO. If I can choose to be happy about being able to open a bank account and being unhappy about women not getting the artsitic opportunities they mght deserve I most definitely will choose the latter.

I really want to raise awareness among all of us and keep us thinking about why some people get heard and recognized while some really don’t and why that might be having to do something with their gender!

And that’s it for my short-ish rant about women and Tonys and making histroy and non equality, in case you want to read some more about these wonderful topics I poped some links below….

read more about what the girls on The Interval do over here.

especially their project-ish article in which they quoted a lot of young women, including me, in theatre about the history-making Tony Awards 2015 over here.

and then I have some articles I wrote here on this blog about the lack of gender parity in German theatre. Namely here and here.

P.S: I just recently scrolled through a new jury for a new competition for young musical theatre writers and out of the 13 members there’s only one (in numbers: 1!) woman. And while I don’t want to imply with any word I’m writing here and these men aren’t great men in and for German musical theatre – they are and I am inspired by so many of them! – I’m also just like: REALLY?!?!

These are a few of my favourite things …. July 2015

People who have been around this blog for quite some time now might be familiar with a series of posts I was sticking to for quite a while. Weekly recaps noting my favourite things or just the things I did in general this particular week. When I changed schools last fall and transferred to my school in Leipzig while still living in Berlin this grew rather boring pretty soon. Because typing in “I was on the train for a HUGE amount of time” just wasn’t very…..interesting…..although the last one of these posts hasn’t been published all too long ago….(check it out here: My Week #50) So let me introduce you to a new series of favourite-posts – the monthly ones. (yay!) Because when all these beauty-fashion-lifestyle bloggers can do these favourite-things, then why can’t a theatre-girl, right?

Favourite Night out with the Shows

Actually this is quite hard….I had so many good and challenging and pleasurable nights out this month…Starting with not really July, but almost and nonetheless a special night, the opening night of our Freischütz from HMT Leipzig shown at Uni Jena where they host a Hofoper open air every year. It was cold and it started to rain rather heavily with about 7 more minutes to go and everyone had to be relocated into the university’s big auditorium, but still it was great to see all our singers weeks after our final performance in Leipzig. My classmate and I, we are definitely #overlyattacheddramaturgs! Other favourites of the month were seeing the graduation piece of my dear friend who is graduating from his MA dramaturgy program in Ludwigsburg this summer, having my mind shifted and queered while seeing Cabaret in Bad Hersfeld and – of course – the night I had with Lotte in Wetzlar.

Favourite Night in with the Show-tunes

Recently I returned to power-listening to Jesus Christ Superstar. I don’t know what this is saying about me….And I am OBSESSED with especially “Stronger” and the ensemble version of “Play” from Finding Neverland (found on spotify, until my copy of the CD arrives) – my love for “Believe” wore out a little after watching this video for about a hundred million times… What also kept me entertained was the Broadway Summer 2015 Playlist on Spotify promoted and hosted by Good thing especially since I kind of suck with putting together playlists. Bad thing for a dramaturg, I know.

Favourite Read

Sadly I haven’t made much room for reading real books this month, but I love going trough all the answers young women in theatre gave to the question “What did it mean to you to see so many women win Tony Awards this year?” over on – I am also featured with my personal answer. The Interval is a very favourite read of mine in general….let me especially recommend to you the interviews with Jeanine Tesori and Kelli O’Hara who both won Tonys this year with Jeanine Tesori making history in the #genderparity department.

Favourite Thing on Twitter

I can’t name one single favourite tweet of the month although @Actor_Friend’s tweet I’ve posted a picture of over on my facebook page is pretty damn hilarious. But my favourite hashtags however must be #drunkopera (where you put alcohol and opera titles together and have LOADS of fun!) and, of course, #YayHamlet because this is just so so so incredibly good marketing in the 21st century! (expect a post about that soon….) And on the same not, Lin-Manuel Miranda has been killing it on twitter lately, once again.

Favourite Youtube-Video

I’m not a big watcher of fun videos on there, but I watch ALL the show videos, usually. Lately I’ve returned to watching Emmy Raver-Lampman’s version of “All of Me” at 54below:

And Margo Seibert asking the single most important question of every single’s life:

And speaking of Youtube….if you want good music (sometimes new musical theatre songs from showcases) delivered by good performers in good quality from New York – go and subscribe to FamousInNY.

Favourite Netflix Watch

Mid-August my Mom and I go on a two week long road trip to South England (Berlin – Antwerp – Brighton – St. Ives – Bath – London – Bruges – Berlin) and I anticipation of this trip I’ve just binge watched the first season of Broadchurch on Netflix. Boy! Beautiful and so addictive!

Favourite Moment

It was a very dear friend of mine’s birthday (actually it was a number of my favourite people’s birthdays…) late this month and after he was giving me one of my most hysterical ugly cries in the last year with the small present he hid for me birthday back in February I wantd to give him something “special”, like a more ideally special thing. And I think, because seeing him open it and being excited about it, was very, very joyful! (and: has it brought you any bad luck because I gave it to you early?) Also seeing my amazing friend K. in Frankfurt mid-July when I was there for a dramaturgy students meet-up and meeting up with an aquaintance I’ve know for AGES (we’re talking me being 16 when we met!) what also very nice. In general July somehow was about meeting new people and I loved it. Plus: I got my own business cards. Only 50 of them for a start because I’m sure somethings will chance once I’ve graduated next summer, but….YAY! They are beautiful and I’m very proud.

Special-Favourite: The Ugly Cry of July 2015

This one is quite easy. People might know that – opposit to what I appear like – I can be quite a teary person. But I like to keep the tears either inside my room while listenting to something or inside a theatre. So when a friend of mine first shared “When your feet don’t touch the ground” from Finding Neverland with me on facebook there it was: my ugly cry of the month!

What were some of your favourites in July? I LOVE to get to know new things!

Who remebers the post about my top 10 websites for musical theatre lovers?

One of the websites I included there was – more specifically their blog which can be reached by clicking this link. In early April, around the time I was in new York, they posted on there that they were looking for a new bunch of guest bloggers, so after I returned, I quickly typed up some things and – boom! – Lisanne is blogging for a American (!) website about musical theatre. Those of you who follow my facebook-page or my twitter already know that, but in my opinion that’s still very exciting, because I am the only continental European blogger (there are two from Britian I guess) and after all English is not my mother tongue.

Last Sunday my first deadline came around and Hannah, the editor of the blog, informed me, that my first post will go up this coming Friday! This post (as well of most of the following) will mostly be about how I think about how contemporary musical theatre is done in Germany.

Until then, I just leave you a link to my bio as a current blogger on to enjoy and this Friday I’ll probably freak out about my first post over there. 🙂

Theatre Studies, Dance Studies and Musical Theatre?

How does that even go together and why would I even bother to ask?

As those of you who read the “about” Page of this blog might know – I just earned my BA’s degree in theatre studies (well, technically not yet…because somehow my thesis takes loooooong to read and grade and everything) after three years of diving into the discours about performativity and gender and participation and stuff (now that I’m thinking about it, that’s basically what I did for three years….but it’s great).

Back when I decided I wanted to earn my BA in theatre studies I already loved musical theatre of any kind, because I’ve always loved it as a child and I just had been working with Komische Oper Berlin for pretty much all the season on and off – but in my departement musical theatre was barely to never talked about and there were some dialogues happening like the following:

Classmate (third year of BA studies): “I’ve never been to the opera!”
Theaterkind: “Really?”
Classmate: “No, I don’t even know…do they have an avantgarde or something?”

And that was it. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. That’s like one of the poorest things (if not: the absolute poorest thing ever!) for a theatre studies major to say. That was over a year ago and I’m still not over it – if the one who said that can still remember that dialogue and is reading it: You have me scarred for life. 🙂

This past spring I wrote a paper about gender theories and Beethoven’s opera Fidelio, which in its early version (known as Leonore) is one of my all time favourites. Sadly it either was too bad or my teacher really didn’t like musical theatre. Or a combination of both. Anyways. I still love musical theatre and I’m still pretty proud of that paper.

Since I haven’t that much knowledge of musical theory (really, my ears are like very, very badly trained) I’ll never be able to study something like musicology and to be honest, my intrest is definetly the theatrical side of music. So I after my BA studies I went on and enrolled in the Master’s programme of dance studies which is offered at my school because I really wanted to stay at “my” department (I also work there, so….) and I really liked the thought of studying the different parts of musical theatre on their own. As I already mentioned I was very occupied by gender- and body-theories during my BA studies and that was another reason to move on to the dance studies. How do we actually see those bodies on stage is one of the most integral questions I ask myself about theatre – and when I watched Philipp Büttner perform “Sex is in the Heel” from Kinky Boots in early December I was (again) proven that this is actually an interesting question, even (or: especially) in musical theatre which seems to be so superficial and like “a woman is a woman and a man is a man” on so many occasions if you don’t look close enough. (check out his performance!) An other occasion was when I saw Once last September – that was when I learned a ton about musical theatre and dance. And dancing in musical theatre! (I just recently wrote a text about dacing in the scene of “Gold” in Once the Musical for a class about writing about dance, it’s mostly German and I’m sure I can’t translate it, but I think I might post it here some time soon anyways – a treat for my German speaking readers)

Now I’m applying for several dramaturgy programmes and right now I kind of really want to go to a school which is mostly dedicated to dramatic arts as in (straight) plays. They mostly have acting and directing (as in “I go and direct a text that’s already existing”) programmes. Of course there are some schools all over the country teaching dramaturgy for musical theatre, but in my situation right now it would be a) good for me to stay in Berlin because I’m rather engaged with work here and this drama-focused school happens to be in Berlin and b) learning another take on theatre would be great (plus I’m used to working on music stuff on my own, so there wouldn’t be much change…). What I got to know during my BA studies is very different from the things I’m sure I’ll be confronted with when I’ll work as a dramaturg – and after all that’s what I want to do one day. And I also think that learning about plays and how to work with that can be actually productive when working with musical theatre. As much as the differences are stressed over and over again I think they’re pretty much two sides of the same coin. I mean it’s theatre! Of course, music gives us a huge hint of what “the author” (what ever that is…) actually meant, but is theatre about what an author (could have) meant? I mean, really?

Isn’t it about new ways to interpret something? And after all that’s the same with plays or musical theatre pieces. It’s about listening to what the piece tells you and what you can tell the piece. Text-wise or music-wise.

So, let’s just listen, okay? Let’s just think about what we can give back to the theatre, how we could make it our own, okay?
Let’s think about it and create something new out of us and the material. Can we agree on that?

What do you love most about theatre? I’d love to hear about it!

Working With Talent Pt. 2 // Bundeswettbewerb Gesang

So after we brought the video-lady back up again I reached my seat next to my mother just in time before Michael Dixon got on stage to announce that unlike advertised before not Dominique Horowitz will be presenting but Katharine Mehrling who’d already been the president of the jury during the finals. And she did well presenting.

I was just as excited as I tend to be on opening night performances throughout the concert with that bitter-sweet moment of whitnessing something very special and something you look forward to but at the same time seeing that the event will end a very special time (which actually ment: returning to my dance studies classes, which are great but working with musical theatre is a little bit better….). But still I was eager to see if everything went just as we rehearsed and as far as I could see (and can remeber) everything was just fine.

You can watch every single performance on Vimeo and one of the performances I shared two days ago for Music Monday! And to be honest I think it’s best for you to spend an evening on Vimeo instead of reading what I think about all these performances – exept for said Music Monday…in that case, please, go, read what I wrote over there. 😉

I CAN’T even say bad things about the performers, I liked all of them, but since I spend about a week (more or less) with them I’m not able to pretend I can totally write just about their performances. But what I can do, is write about my mother’s view from what she told me. She’s a avid (musical) theatre goer, she’s the one travelling with me and seeing shows with me – she sees musicals as well as opera and straight plays. The one song performed she still talks about and even has shown to her friends at work is Marissa Möller’s performance of the chanson “Rabenmutter” (a German term for uncaring, cruel, bad mother), she als really liked Nedime Ince’s Turkish-German rendition of “Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte”, while I friend of mine really, really liked Elisabeth Köstner’s “Pulled” from the Addams Family. The song that kind of revived my Sondheim-obsession was Philipp Büttner’s “Marry Me a Little” while we all laughed our asses off when Paula Skorupa sang “Toothbrush” (other than the title is suggesting it’s a German song…but even if you speak English only I bet you’ll have fun just watching her!). I could go on and on like that. (if someone of you readers watches the videos, please let me know which one you like best!)

During intermission I went backstage to check on everything and see if there was any work for me to do (I remembered last year’s concert when I sat back stage and was holding hands of nervous singers and helping the stage manager). I shortly talked to the director to make some arrangements concerning the end of the concert when each and everyone of the winners had to go directly upstaris to attent a small photo call and the reception, we agreed on meeting in the left wing of the stage and there I was, sadly  not beeing able to see the last number from the auditorium, but at least I was there and able to listen from the side and I was there when they first went off stage which – in my opinion – is always a faszinating moment to see people in. After they took off their microphones the director took the lead and ordered me to be the last and from what I remeber we lost one of our “ducklings” and I ran all over the building looking for him (let’s just remeber the heels I wore here…), but when I came up to the lobby where the reception was held, he suddenly was there.

These receptions are always a little fun, because they actually are work (we mostly just wait for the people to go to organize some things in the end) but not really, we are allowed to drink a little wine and share some small talk with people, which was actually fun, because most of (the Berlin based) Germany’s musical theatre people were there and I had some nice conversations, mostly with gay men, but I also met an actor I work with at the criminal dinner entertainment I work for and he introduced me to the “assistant” headmaster of the musical college in Munich where he studied. I’m not very good at small talk but after I had more than a week of practise with the participants I did quite well I guess.

At about 1am I took some of the winners back to their dressing rooms and went up to the office to get changed myself. I packed my stuff and arranged everything to leave together with my bosses, when we went past the dressing rooms I decided to wait for the ones still there. So I watched my bosses leave and waited for Peter and Lisa, who somehow managed to get me to join them and some other participants for one last drink (because I escorted them to the bar anyways).

End of story: I was home at 3 am, and woke up at 8 am the next morning, I sat through all my classes (six hours of philosophical and theatrical dance studies research discussions) and went to work for two hours afterwards. I’m pretty proud, yes, I am.

Personally theses weeks with almost 100 hours of working show me how durable my body can be and I’ve always loved working directly with artists (though most of the time I didn’t work WITH but FOR them…anyway…). It was a good experience to be completely surrounded by music for that time which usually isn’t the case when I’m working.

What were your most intensive working experiences? What concert did you buzz about lately? Let me know in the comments below or on my facebook page!

And to all our winners, the people I spend the weekend with at Friedrichstadt Palast: I can’t wait to hear what you’ll do once you’ll leave your schools! Keep me posted, if possible. 😀

Working With Talent // Bundeswettbewerb Gesang

Remember the hiatus this blog was on? During this time I was working at the finals of Bundeswettbewerb Gesang (German National Competition of Singing) and later that week I watched the winners rehearse for their big concert, organizing stuff around that. That way I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with and to watch so many talented people in musical theatre.

During the semi-finals and finals my job basically was to sit next to the stage, welcoming the participants, making sure they got their rehearsing time with their accompanists and pushing them onto the stage in time – in addition to remember their names and trying to make them feel as comfortable as it gets with a competition. And we also took care of the jury, in a way assisting them and … yes! making coffee. The first three days when the semi finals were held was tough – long hours of people running past us and yelling and shouting and singing and being excited, too many people and too many hours and seeing nothing exept for the off white coloured wall across from us.

But nevertheless it mostly was quite a joy to see young performers. Most of the times I’m sceptical about the performers in German musical theatre, but seeing them rehearse and talk about their songs made me rather optimistic that there will be smart, well educated performers in the future. (which, just as with actors, is a good thing in my opinion.)

During semi-finals everyone had to present a 10 minute programme chosen by the jury which they only learned about an hours prior to their performances. Everyone had to submit a 30 (junior section) to 45 (main section) minute repertoire and from that the songs were chosen. After getting into the finals they were given their songs usually a day or two prior to their performances, now about 15 minutes long.

I’m not allowed to write about what happened after the doors of the jury’s room were closed but I can say that I enjoyed watching them and listening to them discuss songs and performances. Katharine Mehrling who was the president of the jury is a singer and an actress I’ve seen on stage serveral times and I always loved her voice. While I was happy to see some ‘new faces’ as well, very nice people.

But let’s return to my favourite part. Last year when I first worked at Bundeswettbewerb Gesang I totally loved hanging out with the accompanists, they of course know a lot about music in a music-music kind of way. I know a lot about theatre and I can listen to music, but my analyses of music always sound like “that feels like…./that seems to be…./Do you know that crazy sh*t happening over there?” I especially found a great way with the two accompanists payed by the competition organizers for those of the participants who didn’t bring their own. One of them appearantly is an audition pianist for Stage Entertainment and the other one is just a pure joy to fool around with and to have fun with. I had very nice talks with them in between their duties about musical theatre and music and pianos and singing.

Right after the finals the jury met to discuss the prices and the winners and about two hours later they were announced – and again it was a joy to see the winners being happy about their achievements. As usual those who didn’t win a price were offered to come and get some oral feedback from some jury-members and during the open call in October and the semi-finals I organized that feedback session – but I have to say I was rather happy to not be forced to do that again, I had a feeling that they were much more devastated than those who dropped out after the semi-finals. Instead of that I had the much more pleasant task to take pictures of the winners for press announcements. Well….I don’t have to say that taking pictures of handsome people is much easier than many things you could imagine. After that I quickly edited them and send them to Bundeswettbewerb’s press agent – and than the craziness began. By that time most of us had worked 5 days, never less than 10 hours – and we went to clear out the temporary office we had built and started to copy sheet music for the musical director of the final concert three days later. My colleague and I were in that crazy state of mind when everything – I repeat EVERYTHING – suddenly gets funny. And we were not funny to work with anymore. 🙂 Gladly we only had to glue sheet music together in a very special way (“I show you the way Adam wants it to be.”). In that mood we headed home to get some rest before the rehearsals for the concert began.

In my gap year between school and the beginning of my university studies I mostly worked in theatrical productions and even during my first year at university I did that and when my worked turned more towards the theoretical side I started to miss attending and watching rehearsals, to be in touch with these artistic decisions and everything. That weekend gave all that jazz back to me! I didn’t have that much to do, my job was mostly sit there and watch and be present in case something was needed to be done, I was reading sheet music and watched the musicians create band arrangements for the songs presented during the concert, I watched the concert being ‘directed’ (from my opinion it wasn’t much of a direction, but more of a kind of ‘stage managing’ the performance, but if they want to call it directing….they should) and the ensemble numbers being chereographed which was an entirely new thing for me to see although I danced a lot in my life I’ver never whitnessed a professional choreographer working. Over that weekend everyone got used to each other and it was great to see most of the winners getting along so well and more and more coming to us to ask stuff. My assistant-director-mother-of-the-production-mode got switched on during that weekend. But the best part of the rehearsals was getting to listen to that beautiful music over and over and over again.

Concert days are always special just as opening nights are. I clearly remember last year’s concert day at my beloved Komische Oper Berlin, an exhausting day, but worth all that stress and trouble. And this year’s went just like that. The only day the Friedrichstadtpalast could spare for us to use the stage to rehearse on. So I basically spend most of the Concert Day in the dark auditorium watching tech/blocking rehearsals (tired and being barked at by the director for no obvious reason…). From time to time I’d be called up to the office to work some administrational things like putting away tickets in alphabetical order or copying some more sheet music, organizing stuff and people. The two lovely ladies mainly organizing the Bundeswettbewerb made me be some kind of hostess for one of the receptions being held, so I got dressed up in time (changed my style from homeless to lady! 😉 ), went down to be at the rehearsal once more and suddenly was made walk and run a lot more than I did all day before – needless to say I was in heels by that time? So I did some last things that needed to be done while my phone’s battery died and I got my mother to bring the charging cable (smart as I am I brought the charger but not the cable…) when I’d arrive for the concert to watch. So I went backstage and to the front house and back and forth again, checking on our winners and the musicians and the audience – I kind of became a professional in running in my most inappropriate heels for running. Like five minutes before the concert was to start the lady who was filming the performance fainted back stage and everyone was in a mixture of shock and panic to get her up again – nothing not-drama about Bundeswettbewerb!

I think it might be good to stop here and publish my view on the concert and the after party in a few days…..right? This post is too long already and no one is gonna read it in one take anyways. So, bye and read you soon.

What are you most excited about theatre? About music? I’d be super happy to read some of your best stories with musicians and music and musical theatre in the comments or on my facebook-page!


And here’re some pictures I snapped during the time….