Special Day

A short thing on why May 27th was a very special day for me

On May 27th an era kind of came to an end. I saved a 85 pages Word-Document as a PDF file, hit the copyshop and printed it out five times, had it bound and took it home. There I put three of the copies in an envelope, put the address of my university on there and got it ready to take to Leipzig the next day.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was my Master thesis.
It’s finished.
It’s dropped off at the Prüfungsbüro.

Now the era of not thinking about sex and musicals and feminism in musicals all day every day begins!

On Friday I took my mother to see my friend Eric Lee Johnson for his solo show debut at a small and very charming theatre in Berlin Schöneberg. I remember when we last got together for a coffee Eric told me he might sing a song by Marc Schubring that I translated for a student of his earlier this year (which marked the first time someone asked me to translate something). To be honest I was all ike: Yeah, let him talk – and let’s see if that REALLY happens. (sorry, Eric…)

Then last Friday I met a mutual friend of ours and she was like “You know, he’s gonna sing “Completely Different” – and Marc’s gonna be here!”. And then that’s what happened.

As I’m still in the very beginning of my translating it’s VERY exciting to hear my German words being sung by people who aren’t me torturing my neighbours with endless shouting and trying to be a soprano or a tenor… Only when someone that isn’t me sings those German words I can listen to it as a dramaturg and judge it the way I would do translations by others and that’s not only very productive, but also a rather healthy thing to do.

And last week’s Friday Eric sung those words and it was the first time ever someone sung a translation of mine without me being in the back producing it, organizing it, putting together musical rehearsals or trying to make everybody feel comfortable about the lack of said rehearsals…and it was A MA ZING!

Thank you, Eric!
And thank you, Marc, for the music that works so well (I think) with German!

That special Friday was more than a week ago today, but I’m still mesmerized and I’m sure I’m gonna treasure that day for a while longer. 😉 Even and especially after I’ve graduated from my current MA programme and I’ll be an unemployed dramaturg.

But before that will be the case my classmates are organizing a festival in Leipzig – and they need money, because – let’s be honest here – who doesn’t? We’ve 11 more days of startnext crowdfunding left, and honestly I think everyone should be wanting to be part of the funding crowd for a dramaturgy-festival. Who has ever seen such a thing?

Wanna help? Head over to: https://www.startnext.com/INTROLeipzig



5 Things I am looking forward to…

…doing once I handed in my MA thesis

I have talked about my MA thesis on here before, but now that it’s like around 5.5 weeks before I have to hand in that bad boy (or girl, haven’t decided yet) on June 1st my motivational list featuring ALL the amazing things I’ll do once I have this thesis finished grows. And I though it’d be fun to share. Especially since I guess there are a couple of things on there that only SOUND really attractive right now but won’t be anymore the moment I officially had time for them – the procrastination-witch probably makes them sound soooo good, then.

  1. watching the 5th season of Homeland. During the first two seasons I was like a die-hard fan of that show. Wasn’t too sure about the third and even more the fourth season then. Anyways – the 5th season is set in Berlin and it’s airing in German right now so basically everybody and their dog is watching it. I am not. Because I’m saving it. The fact that it basically will be summer once I’ve handed in the thesis won’t stop me.
  2. getting back into translating. The last thing I translated was Ryan Scott Oliver’s “Leave Luanne” for the last installment of schreib:maschine mid-March. Since then I’ve been riding my bike belting out German translations to one specific song, realizing that I’m neither a tenor nor a soprano (who knew? Well….I did!). And there’s a whole show waiting to be translated.
  3. cleaning, tidying up and purging – well, that might be a thing the procrastination-witch makes sound VERY attractive. But I have the feeling in case I have to move this summer I’ll happy about every box of books that I don’t have to move. Very, very happy. And maybe I’ll read Marie Kondo’s hit-book and get on the very hip minimalist-band waggon?
  4. making more of the last months of my BahnCard100. Since I have been a long-distance-commuter between Berlin and Leipzig for the last four semesters I have this very handy thing called BahnCard100 which entitles you to go on basically ANY train in Germany free of charge – because you paid for it in advance. It’s like a train flatrate. And I have placed to go this summer because I want to see all my friends and acquaintances perform in their summer shows. And I kind of decided I want to pay a return-visit to Lotte in Wetzlar since I’m REALLY up for a good cry and listening to the CD just doesn’t fix that. 😉
  5. Looking forward to the things that might come up. Or not. As of today my future is not set. I don’t know what I’ll be doing come fall. And I really try not to be too stressed out about that. Let’s see if that works.

5.5 more weeks. Good lord, time flies. I can’t wait to hand it in but at the same time I really don’t want to…Aaaaarg.

What We Must Watch on Valentine’s Day

As the enternal single girl I am (no milkshare brought boys to the yard so far….) every year Valentine’s Day is a very special day of the year.

And by ‘special’ I mean: I can’t decide if I just don’t wanna care in the first place or I’m just so depressed so that I pretend to not care….oh BOY!

Anyway, over the last couple of days a number of videos hit the good ol’ Youtube and while I was watching some of them I was all like: Yup, that’s gotta be Valentine’s potential. And here we go….

  1. This might actually be my favourite. I saw Jessica Vosk go on as Marian in Bridges of Madison County for the first time back in 2014 and now she brings down the house (and all of the guards…) with this AMAZING mash-up.
  2. Basically I just clicked the video out of habit and I have been a long-term lover of that song anyway. It’d take a lot to get more sad than that, right?
  3. With this one I go through phases of non-stop-listening and then not listening for a while and repeat from the beginning. Seriously? Andi Alhadeff!
  4. It all fades away. There are simply no more words.
  5. Start all over again. 🙂 But don’t ever forget:

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ladies and Gentlemen!

P.S.: Two years ago I published another post honouring this date. It was about dysfunctional couples on musical theatre stages. Enjoy! 😉

These are a few of my favourite Things … October 2015

October came and went and now we’re in the second to last month of 2015! I can’t quite believe it. Anyway…for me this past month was an exciting one – my 3rd semester in Leipzig started which is also my second to last and by now I’m almost half-way through it. Time’s flying by, folks!

Favourite Night out with the Shows

I kinda knew that already and that’s why I’ve waited with my favourites-post until today. Among the five nights I’ve spend out at different theatres seeing different shows I have to say last night was my favourite. I went to see the last performance of “Die letzte Kommune” by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund at Grips Theater. That wasn’t only a huge throwback to the times when I used to work there on and off from 2009 until fall of 2011 and seeing many familiar faces had me in quite a bit of nostalgia. That performance showed me how a show can get people to (emotionally) participate, how a production welcomes people to spend time with the characters on stage and how the audience enjoys the time they have together and articulate their responses to what the see. That’s what probably had me fall in love with the Grips idea in the first place. A little more than 6 years ago.

Favourite Night in with the Show-tunes

Does it get boring? Hamilton…again, again and again. Damn this amazing music.

Favourite Thing on Twitter / The Internet

I’ve been following the @BroadwayGirlNYC twitter for a while now and she has always impressed me (plus: in case I ever decide Theaterkind doesn’t fit me anymore I’ll to a secret-identity-thing just like she did!), but to me she totally nailed it when she went to see the bi-lingual (English / ASL) revival of Spring Awakening on Broadway in the beginning of the month.

She posted this on twitter and I was so touched by it:

Favourite Youtube-Video

I started teaching a very small kind of class at my current study programme in Leipzig about  Anyways, I kicked it off with showing them a couple of videos on Youtube and doing that I re-discovered a video I used to obsess about for weeks after I first saw Once on Broadway which (FUNFACT!) was my first show on Broadway ever.

I’m talking about the Tony-performance of Once, when they performed “Gold” in  2012:

Favourite Moment

I got to work at Bundeswettbewerb Gesang again, only three days for the first round of the competition in Berlin, but more is to come in the end of November/first week of December. I always enjoy working there and I literally can’t wait for the final rounds.

Plus, another favourite of the month was my good friend who has been living in the South of Germany for the past two years, came up for a visit! Yay!

Special Favourite: Favourite Activity That Isn’t Remotely Related to Theatre

I have to admit: Still knitting. I’ve knitted 7 pairs of socks in the month of October. I got so much knitting done that I got myself a shoulder / back problem. Yay. And I’m really digging my BodyCombat class right now once again. I love it.

Look at my current sock-count:

What did you do?

Have you had any great theatre-related moments?

Or any favourite moments at all?

These are a few of my favourite Things … September 2015

After a long time first with weekly recaps and then a long time with no recaps at all I introduced a new series of favourite-posts  – the monthly ones. (yay!) Because when all these beauty-fashion-lifestyle bloggers can do these favourite-things, then why can’t a theatre-girl, right?

Let’s have a look back on my favourite in a month in which I spend three out of four weekends out of Berlin.

Favourite Night out with the Shows
Well…there was my school trip to Ruhrtriennale where we “saw” a production/ a musical staging (some would call it “concert”…) of Luigi Nono’s Prometheo. That was a very special experience. Looking back at it I can’t even quite put my finger on it why I have this special feeling about it and I guess this is kind of the magic of this work.

And I can name my least favourite night out! It was when I went to revisit the production of Ball im Savoy at Komische Oper. I didn’t like it the first time I went two years ago and this time it was no different. Plus: Some idiot(s) stole my bike. In Berlin-Mitte. Right in front of the Komische Oper. Yes. Right. That sucked.

Favourite Night in with the Show-tunes
Who isn’t buzzing about Hamilton these days, seriously? I reached that level of obsessed where I stayed home all day, knitting and listening to that recording when it was still streaming-only. And ever since it was avaliable digitally I listened to it whereever I went. With some small-ish breaks. But yes. And when I didn’t listen to it I had some of these tunes stuck in my head like crazy.

Favourite Thing on Twitter / The Internet
While I’m pretty sure I’ve spend a ton of time on the internet I can’t really say I have an absolute favourite on either twitter or the internet. But I’ll probably go with Laura Benanti’s article about miscarriages because I always love when people make use of their status to put our minds on a specific (important) – and yes, female, feminist – topic and I especially love when people who are known for being funny and who are loved for that quality open up about something that isn’t quite like that.

Chapeau, Laura!

Favourite Youtube-Video
An oldie, but goldie. I can’t every get enough of Dachshunds anyway. But a dachshund plus a stuffed-mechanical penguin? Yes, please! Anytime!

Favourite Moment
So many things made me happy especially in the end of the month. A friend of mine finally came out as gay to his parents and I’m so proud. I got asked to do something I’m thrilled about and very happy to do (it’s work related)! My friendship with another friend of mine grows and grows and right now I can’t imagine being without his friendship. I spend two hours on skype with a close friend and that made me happy for DAYS. And I went over to Frankfurt over the past weekend to see my lovely friend whom I met three years ago when we were attending the same class in our Haifa summer-school.

Plus: I met absolutely lovely people in the beginning of the month when I attended a workshop by kritTFM in Vienna and I had a splendid time.

Special Favourite: Favourite Activity That Isn’t Remotely Related to Theatre
KNITTING! I’ve knitted ALL the socks this month and I watched knitting podcasts on youtube which appears to be a thing in the knitting community. Actually I’ve returned to knitting during our trip to the UK and I think I caught the knitting-bug harder than ever. I’ve finished 6 (SIX!) pairs of socks in the month of September – which means 12 socks! 12!!!!

Look at a couple of them piled up…

What did you do?

Have you had any great theatre-related moments?

Or any favourite moments at all?

These are a few of my favourite things … August 2015

After a long time first with weekly recaps and then a long time with no recaps at all I introduced a new series of favourite-posts last month – the monthly ones. (yay!) Because when all these beauty-fashion-lifestyle bloggers can do these favourite-things, then why can’t a theatre-girl, right?

August was travel-heavy as I was on a proper vacation for the last two weeks of the month, I just came back on Aug 31st and now I am excited for September as it has some more travelling in the wings for me. But first: Let’s look back!

Favourite Night out with the Shows
In this past month there wasn’t that many nights out at the theatre – for outher people the 5 things I saw might count as many, but here….anyways….I had fun most nights of those 5. But I might have to say my favourite one was our first night in London when we went to see Gypsy at the Savoy Theatre. Gypsy (as in the musical, not exclusively this particular production) will be part of my Master thesis as I have it in mind these days. I had seen a very small very re-imaginatory production 1.5 years ago (read what I thought about that one back then…by klicking here) but frankly I was not all too familiar with the show in depth. So when I sat there seeing it – after I’ve had a dinner of an almond banane smoothie and coffee at Whole Foods in Picadilly Circus – and it fit into my theory and into my MA thesis so well I grew happier my the minute. I know this is a kinda selfish thing to say, but do you know these moments when you’ve had a glas of wine before going to the theatre and everything appears to be so bright and nice and kind of cozy then? That was how I felt – only without the wine.

You could say I was rather happy.

In case you want to see what I thought about the other nights out this (and all the past months) head over to the Theaterkind facebook-page where I post a pic of most tickets / ticket stubs / programmes for every night out and write a couple of sentences about it. Here’s the album with my Tickets of 2015.

Favourite Night in with the Show-tunes
As we were on a roadtrip we listened to a lot of show tunes while driving (actually here’s a fun thing to do – think of ALL the songs from shows that include driving or mentioning travel. Comment below with your ideas, will you? Please? 😉 ). Our favourites were deifinitely Something Rotten, Finding Neverland (also VERY good for a rainy afternoon of knitting in the tent) and funnily enough Ich war noch niemals in New York which I saw right before we left for the trip and you can’t do too much wrong with a more camp-y version of good ol’ German schlager, right? No? No? 🙂

Favourite Thing on Twitter
As wifi is a rare thing on camping site I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a lot on twitter. But what I didn’t miss was the sad new about the sudden death of Kyle Jean-Baptiste who made his Broadway debut in Les Miserables (and history as the youngest and frist afro-american to step onto stay in the role of Jean Valjean which he understudied). Related to this I have to say my favourite thing was by AnnoyingActorFriend who decided to try and take one another challenge after his successful #dim4joan last year. His attempt was to get the Broadway League to dim all the marquees of all the Broadway theatre in honour of the young actor the New York theatre community had just lost and he wrote a short, but very touching post about why it is important: Why #dim4kyle is important.

And thank you that you’re so meta you blow your own mind and that I love you for your parody but I decided not to make a Smash reference here.

Favourite Youtube-Video
Again this wifi on the camp-site-thing….but what I watched TONS before we left was a probably illegally filmed video of a song from Ich war noch niemals in New York. I got addicted to it because DAMN, Sarah Schütz has got some pipes!

And I’m even a little bit more addicted to “Aber bitte mit Sahne” –

Favourite Moment
After the moment I woke up with a stomach-bug after a super fun night out with friends and some show tunes in Berlin (no, it wasn’t the alcohol, it was the vietnamese food I had before….) won’t make the cut in this category, I have a very big favourite moment that was about two weeks long. I’m thinking of the trip we just got back from. In two weeks we travelled the route Berlin – Antwerpen – Brighton (via Dunkerque and Dover….the ferry….) – St. Ives – Bath – London – Bruges (again, the ferry) and back to Berlin with Jochen, our car, packed with a tent, sleeping bags and all the bits and bops you need. We had a fabulous time and conquered driving on what is the wrong side of the road for us.

Who would like to read one or two little off-topic posts about that trip? Because I would certainly enjoy writing them!

Special Favourite: The Ugly-Cry (once again!)
I planned on featuring a changing special favourite of the month but after last month’s ugly-cry-favourite it’s already time for another one! The second show we saw in London was Billy Elliot (FINALLY!) and all I say is: Billy Elliot and THE LETTER! And Electricity (I even cry when I’m watching a video of a TV appearance of that song). And the reprise of The Letter. I cried so hard my chin got all wobbly and it probably looked like the pit of a nectarine.

Like this:

I hope you had a great summer (is summer already over?) – I have a little more ‘free’ time (haha, good joke) since I won’t go back to school before the end of the month.

What did you do?

Have you had any great theatre-related moments?

And don’t forget to comment the driving-travelling-songs from ALL the shows! 😀

These are a few of my favourite things …. July 2015

People who have been around this blog for quite some time now might be familiar with a series of posts I was sticking to for quite a while. Weekly recaps noting my favourite things or just the things I did in general this particular week. When I changed schools last fall and transferred to my school in Leipzig while still living in Berlin this grew rather boring pretty soon. Because typing in “I was on the train for a HUGE amount of time” just wasn’t very…..interesting…..although the last one of these posts hasn’t been published all too long ago….(check it out here: My Week #50) So let me introduce you to a new series of favourite-posts – the monthly ones. (yay!) Because when all these beauty-fashion-lifestyle bloggers can do these favourite-things, then why can’t a theatre-girl, right?

Favourite Night out with the Shows

Actually this is quite hard….I had so many good and challenging and pleasurable nights out this month…Starting with not really July, but almost and nonetheless a special night, the opening night of our Freischütz from HMT Leipzig shown at Uni Jena where they host a Hofoper open air every year. It was cold and it started to rain rather heavily with about 7 more minutes to go and everyone had to be relocated into the university’s big auditorium, but still it was great to see all our singers weeks after our final performance in Leipzig. My classmate and I, we are definitely #overlyattacheddramaturgs! Other favourites of the month were seeing the graduation piece of my dear friend who is graduating from his MA dramaturgy program in Ludwigsburg this summer, having my mind shifted and queered while seeing Cabaret in Bad Hersfeld and – of course – the night I had with Lotte in Wetzlar.

Favourite Night in with the Show-tunes

Recently I returned to power-listening to Jesus Christ Superstar. I don’t know what this is saying about me….And I am OBSESSED with especially “Stronger” and the ensemble version of “Play” from Finding Neverland (found on spotify, until my copy of the CD arrives) – my love for “Believe” wore out a little after watching this video for about a hundred million times… What also kept me entertained was the Broadway Summer 2015 Playlist on Spotify promoted and hosted by Playbill.com. Good thing especially since I kind of suck with putting together playlists. Bad thing for a dramaturg, I know.

Favourite Read

Sadly I haven’t made much room for reading real books this month, but I love going trough all the answers young women in theatre gave to the question “What did it mean to you to see so many women win Tony Awards this year?” over on The-Interval.com – I am also featured with my personal answer. The Interval is a very favourite read of mine in general….let me especially recommend to you the interviews with Jeanine Tesori and Kelli O’Hara who both won Tonys this year with Jeanine Tesori making history in the #genderparity department.

Favourite Thing on Twitter

I can’t name one single favourite tweet of the month although @Actor_Friend’s tweet I’ve posted a picture of over on my facebook page is pretty damn hilarious. But my favourite hashtags however must be #drunkopera (where you put alcohol and opera titles together and have LOADS of fun!) and, of course, #YayHamlet because this is just so so so incredibly good marketing in the 21st century! (expect a post about that soon….) And on the same not, Lin-Manuel Miranda has been killing it on twitter lately, once again.

Favourite Youtube-Video

I’m not a big watcher of fun videos on there, but I watch ALL the show videos, usually. Lately I’ve returned to watching Emmy Raver-Lampman’s version of “All of Me” at 54below:

And Margo Seibert asking the single most important question of every single’s life:

And speaking of Youtube….if you want good music (sometimes new musical theatre songs from showcases) delivered by good performers in good quality from New York – go and subscribe to FamousInNY.

Favourite Netflix Watch

Mid-August my Mom and I go on a two week long road trip to South England (Berlin – Antwerp – Brighton – St. Ives – Bath – London – Bruges – Berlin) and I anticipation of this trip I’ve just binge watched the first season of Broadchurch on Netflix. Boy! Beautiful and so addictive!

Favourite Moment

It was a very dear friend of mine’s birthday (actually it was a number of my favourite people’s birthdays…) late this month and after he was giving me one of my most hysterical ugly cries in the last year with the small present he hid for me birthday back in February I wantd to give him something “special”, like a more ideally special thing. And I think, because seeing him open it and being excited about it, was very, very joyful! (and: has it brought you any bad luck because I gave it to you early?) Also seeing my amazing friend K. in Frankfurt mid-July when I was there for a dramaturgy students meet-up and meeting up with an aquaintance I’ve know for AGES (we’re talking me being 16 when we met!) what also very nice. In general July somehow was about meeting new people and I loved it. Plus: I got my own business cards. Only 50 of them for a start because I’m sure somethings will chance once I’ve graduated next summer, but….YAY! They are beautiful and I’m very proud.

Special-Favourite: The Ugly Cry of July 2015

This one is quite easy. People might know that – opposit to what I appear like – I can be quite a teary person. But I like to keep the tears either inside my room while listenting to something or inside a theatre. So when a friend of mine first shared “When your feet don’t touch the ground” from Finding Neverland with me on facebook there it was: my ugly cry of the month!

What were some of your favourites in July? I LOVE to get to know new things!