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Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812

Wenn ich meinen Soundtrack des Sommers beschreiben müsste, würde ich sagen: Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet, Hunchback of Notre-Dame und Georgia Stitt gewürzt mit einer großen Prise Dear Evan Hansen und “One Day” aus Groundhog Day.

Ich habe mich während der Off-Broadway-Spielzeit nicht besonders für Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 interessiert – zum großen Teil, weil ich einfach nicht wusste, was sich hinter diesem Titel verbrigt. (Schuldig im Sinne der Anklage!) Und dann hat’s mich auf meiner Fahrt aus Wiesbaden nach Berlin einfach eingeholt.

Wenn ich ganz ehrlich bin, gewinnt der Score schon in dem Moment, in dem man mir als erste gesungene Worte des Stücks “There’s a war going on out there somewhere – and Andrej isn’t here” präsentiert. Like: Ok, I don’t know anything about Andrej, but apparently he isn’t here” – das ist schon wieder ganz mein Humor. Was sich im Anschluss an diese Zeile entfaltet, ist quasi eine Tolstoi-Extravaganza: Es wird Krieg und Frieden, das Monster-Werk der russischen Literatur, verhandelt (“It’s a complicated Russian novel, everyone has got nine different names” – auch hier wieder: mein Humor). Es wird viel gelitten, euphorisch geliebt und dramatisch intrigiert.

Neulich habe ich in diesem Artikel in der New York Times gelesen, dass The Great Comet eindeutig auf der Bühne besser sei als auf CD, und das glaube ich tatsächlich auch – zumal ich vergangenen Sommer Rachel Chavkin’s Inszenierung Hadestown am New York Theatre Workshop habe sehen können und ihre Arbeiten anscheinend gern die traditionelle Trennung von Bühnen- und Zuschauerraum auflösen. Wenn ich mir jetzt quasi versuche, Hadestown in den Dimensionen des Imperial Theatre mit weniger antik-griechischem, dafür mehr 19. Jahrhundert-russischem Drama vorzustellen – HALLELUJA, YES PLEASE!

Dennoch finde ich die CD auch ohne Bühnenspektakel ganz ganz großartig, man kann sie tatsächlich auch gut beim Sport hören (und wenn wir Showtunes-Kinder ehrlich sind, ist das das einzige, was zählt…kleiner Scherz) und “Dust and Ashes”, in dem Pierre seine Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens artikuliert, hat schon einmal dafür gesorgt, dass ich vor dem Konservenregal im Edeka anfangen musste zu weinen (das ist KEIN Scherz).

der beste Einstieg: man mag es kaum glauben, aber es ist tatsächlich der Prolog.
Was man unbedingt hören muss, wenn man keine zwei Stunden Zeit es, es einmal komplett zu hören: Natasha & Bolkonskys, Dust and Ashes, The Ball, Letters, Preparations, Pierre & Natasha
die Nebenwirkungen: man will irgendwie dann plötzlich “Krieg und Frieden” lesen – ich ‘musste’ zumindest in meinem Urlaub an der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte die neue deutsche Übersetzung kaufen. Nur leider schlafe ich immer ein.


10 Things I’m looking forward in 2016

As we already are three weeks into 2016 I’m pretty late to the party when it comes to all of that “I’m looking forward to XYZ in 2016”-business. But then…. WHO CARES?! I certainly don’t – as long as I have something to look forward to.

Anyway…look at these 10 things I look forward to in 2016!

1. I’m in Munich these days and I will continue to be here until the end of February because I’m interning at Gärtnerplatztheater. The production is quite fun and come February there are a couple of interesting things happening I’ve never done before as a dramaturg (one in particular….)

2. Right after I return to Berlin in the end of February I’ll be starting to write my Master thesis. While I guess that might be a scary thought for many people I actually look forward to writing. I cannot wait to hang around libraries with my writing buddies (you know who you are and you know I’m looking at YOU right now!).

3. Seeing so many of my friends graduate. With me there are is a number of my friend graduating from different kinds of study programmes. And as dreaful as this thought might be and I simply don’t know what will be next for me as excited am I to see what we all will be.

4. Just today I put a date into my diary for April, a lovely woman I met in Vienna when I was there this past September and I are gonna meet up in Hamburg to see the German production of Disney’s Aladdin. Because why not splurge when you might be facing unemployment from fall on, right?

5. Creating – in 2016 I want to stress creativity in my life, again. I used to make a lot of things happening when I was younger: I’d write like a maniac, make up stories, you name it. This year I’m hopefully FINALLY going to teach myself how to sew and I’m going to knit 52 pairs of socks in 2016 (I’m on pair 6 right now…) and I hopefully will be able to translate a little more.

6. Putting some work into solving some personal problems. This is something I can’t write a lot about since it’s rather personal, but let me just say: I finally worked up some courage to face some of my problems. This year. First step is to be taken 1.5 months from now.

7. Maybe travelling over to NYC this summer. You never can be sure what will happen but I hope I can make it. I’m thinking about the second half of July.

8. Having an essay of mine properly published. In a book. Hopefully. I mean it’s handed in and talked about and now we wait…let’s wait together.

9. Turning 25. I’ve been wanting to properly be a “mid twenties”-girl for some time now. It’s happening, folks, it’s happening.

10. People tend to know that I’m not really good when it comes to changes. But this year – in case it will come to changes (read: in case I’ll get a job straight after graduating) I’m totally up for them. Yep. Quote me on that.

These are a few of my favourite Things … September 2015

After a long time first with weekly recaps and then a long time with no recaps at all I introduced a new series of favourite-posts  – the monthly ones. (yay!) Because when all these beauty-fashion-lifestyle bloggers can do these favourite-things, then why can’t a theatre-girl, right?

Let’s have a look back on my favourite in a month in which I spend three out of four weekends out of Berlin.

Favourite Night out with the Shows
Well…there was my school trip to Ruhrtriennale where we “saw” a production/ a musical staging (some would call it “concert”…) of Luigi Nono’s Prometheo. That was a very special experience. Looking back at it I can’t even quite put my finger on it why I have this special feeling about it and I guess this is kind of the magic of this work.

And I can name my least favourite night out! It was when I went to revisit the production of Ball im Savoy at Komische Oper. I didn’t like it the first time I went two years ago and this time it was no different. Plus: Some idiot(s) stole my bike. In Berlin-Mitte. Right in front of the Komische Oper. Yes. Right. That sucked.

Favourite Night in with the Show-tunes
Who isn’t buzzing about Hamilton these days, seriously? I reached that level of obsessed where I stayed home all day, knitting and listening to that recording when it was still streaming-only. And ever since it was avaliable digitally I listened to it whereever I went. With some small-ish breaks. But yes. And when I didn’t listen to it I had some of these tunes stuck in my head like crazy.

Favourite Thing on Twitter / The Internet
While I’m pretty sure I’ve spend a ton of time on the internet I can’t really say I have an absolute favourite on either twitter or the internet. But I’ll probably go with Laura Benanti’s article about miscarriages because I always love when people make use of their status to put our minds on a specific (important) – and yes, female, feminist – topic and I especially love when people who are known for being funny and who are loved for that quality open up about something that isn’t quite like that.

Chapeau, Laura!

Favourite Youtube-Video
An oldie, but goldie. I can’t every get enough of Dachshunds anyway. But a dachshund plus a stuffed-mechanical penguin? Yes, please! Anytime!

Favourite Moment
So many things made me happy especially in the end of the month. A friend of mine finally came out as gay to his parents and I’m so proud. I got asked to do something I’m thrilled about and very happy to do (it’s work related)! My friendship with another friend of mine grows and grows and right now I can’t imagine being without his friendship. I spend two hours on skype with a close friend and that made me happy for DAYS. And I went over to Frankfurt over the past weekend to see my lovely friend whom I met three years ago when we were attending the same class in our Haifa summer-school.

Plus: I met absolutely lovely people in the beginning of the month when I attended a workshop by kritTFM in Vienna and I had a splendid time.

Special Favourite: Favourite Activity That Isn’t Remotely Related to Theatre
KNITTING! I’ve knitted ALL the socks this month and I watched knitting podcasts on youtube which appears to be a thing in the knitting community. Actually I’ve returned to knitting during our trip to the UK and I think I caught the knitting-bug harder than ever. I’ve finished 6 (SIX!) pairs of socks in the month of September – which means 12 socks! 12!!!!

Look at a couple of them piled up…

What did you do?

Have you had any great theatre-related moments?

Or any favourite moments at all?


Why the Hamilton PR Team Makes Me Want to Look Into Social Media Marking

I think not many people know that, but my very first ever internship right after 18 year-old me graduated from high school was in the PR department of Komische Oper Berlin. Before I continue here, give me a moment to wrap my mind around the 6 (SIX!) years having passed since then.

Anyways….back then I was more of an idealistic theatre girl all the way in for the arts and low-budget and I kind of percieved marketing as something commercial people would SO NEED, but ‘real art’ wouldn’t, because few people attending it would make it extra special and something. (Cut me some slack, I was 18!)
So these three months taught me another side of making theatre happen – the more “It didn’t happen as long as not enough people attend”-kind of side.

More recent, in the last season I looked more into social media as a marketing tool, a little bit of a trending topic in German (theatre) marketing, talked about e.g. at the 3rd annual Theater und Netz conference. There’s still SO MUCH talk about, especially since German theatres doesn’t seem to be very proficient in social media marketing, more often than not it’s nothing more than the occational tweet/post “Another performance of [opera/play/performance-title] tonight! Still tickets left!” – well, at least there’s some consciousness about the need to change.

So – as with so many things – we have to look over, across the pond to what seems my Mekka of musical theatre once again.

One tweet I’ve cited so many times in real life was saying something like “Welcome to America – where it’s easier to get a gun than a ticket to see Hamilton” (although I’m in love with this tweet I cannot for the life of me find it right now to link it properly! Sorry) and I think this is a good point to start talking social media marketing for Hamilton, which finally opened last week.

Even though I’d never think of saying the show wasn’t as good as everyone says it is (sadly, I cannot say myself…because I’m living FAR FAR FAR away), I’m sure it wouldn’t be buzzed about so much with that very intellegent (social media) marketing.

With Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show’s composer, writer and leading actor (!), being very active on twitter, they soon took social media by storm. You could say it all started with the celebrity selfies Miranda took backstage after the performances back at the Public Theatre and published on twitter; so night after night (or for me: morning after morning) we could look at all the celebs who had attended the show – with exception of Madonna, who earned the show some more publicity when she got called out for bad audience etiquette – and wonder if we would ever get the opportunity (to buy a ticket) to see this show.

What really caught my attention was the 21st century appropriate marking when it came to the Broadway transfer. One quality of the show – at least according to what people say – is it is a game changer when it comes to musical language, (“interracial”) casting and the way history can be handled on stages. To that, please add time appropriate online marketing. I’ve never seen so many hashtags evolve around just one show – with #HamiltonPublic from “back when” and #HamiltonBroadway being the most conventional ones.

I mean, the 10$ lottery and the pre-show show before the drawing of the winners has its own hashtag! #ham4ham (referring to Alexander Hamilton being on the 10$ note, so you pay an “Alexander Hamilton” to see Hamilton….) keeps you up to date with the masses of people attending the lottery every show plus the rap/sing/dance-acts the cast puts on to entertain the waiting masses (I’m not exaggerate here, people, there are literal masses!).

But the best – and classic! – hashtag by far is #YayHamlet, which I already expressed my obsession with in my July favourites. It originates from a story/tweet Miranda posted back when Hamilton was still #HamiltonPublic and everyone hoped for #HamiltonBroadway.

That lady’s (what I suppose was a) enthusiastic linguistic mishap/mix-up soon became the signature hashtag when talking about Hamilton and when we are honest on that one: What could have been more appropriate for a show everyone was so enthusiastic about???? – Playbill.com just recently published an article about the #YayHamlet phenomenon, read it here: What’s the story behind the hashtag?

And while so many hashtags make it to t-shits these days (#yolo and #swag for some, #kale and #selfie for others…), Hamilton took advantage of its own hashtag with a cult status. Yes, they REALLY made a shirt with #YAYHAMLET printed on it – which, by the way I need in my life.

In a way Hamilton’s marketing team (and Lin-Manuel Miranda as one of Broadway’s twitter-gods!) accomplished something every theatre enthusiast from the 21st century was secretly hoping for. Theatre entered what could be considered a more pop-cultural sphere by using popular communication-tools. And by that also combine more conventional things like apparel as souvenir with the 21st century pop-cultural ‘tool’, the hashtag.

Aside from that they rock the more conventional marketing tools as well. Full page ads in the NYtimes and they have pretty much all of this newspaper all over them, I mean – how beautiful is this article: Why ‘Hamilton’ Has Heat.

What I mean to say with this somewhat rambly post is: Hamilton isn’t only a theatrical game changer, but we should also acknowledge its game changer-potential when it comes of theatre marketing online.

Yes, the production was lucky to be buzzed about and that it “just” had to jump onto the already moving train, but the marketing people did – and by doing so they gave me (and I’m sure so many other people as well) a ton of fun on twitter.

And if we are honest – the random “Still tickets left”-tweet just wouldn’t be very….well….suitable for Hamilton on Broadway. Because there aren’t.

My favourite musical recordings of 2014

Just as I did last year I’m going to round up my 6 favourite musical theatre recordings of 2014, because there are so many CDs. And it’s always nice to know what other people recommend, right?

No, they are not in order. I don’t do orders. Not on these kind of posts at least.

1) Bridges (The Bridges of Madison County). Because: You know me. Maybe I just make that up, but listening to this recording makes you able to hear how much the musicians and singers actually loved this music – and it gives you this impression to witness something really cool about musical theatre. The score seems to become alive before your very ears, the music you are to hear when listening to this album seems to be so much more than an acustic version of dots between lines with fancy marks around them (for the record: this is not how I actually describe music.). This music breathes and appears to be something dynamic and therefore it is something more than entertaining. It’s touching, moving, tearing your heart out and stuffing it back in. And I am still pretty sure that – if you just listen carefully enough – this will change you. To test it, please expose yourself to Steven Pasquale’s amazing ‘It all fades away’, possibly listening on good headphones, high volume and just try not to crack up.

2) the Broadway recording of Rocky. It’s true, I have a special relationship with this show. It was first shown in Hamburg, Germany, I’ve listened to the German recording a couple of times, more often than not walking away, embarrassed. Anyway during my first visit in New York I heard Liz Callaway sing ‘Raining’ at 54below and suddenly it made sense. I saw it on Broadway in April then and listened to the recording. First: Anything featuring ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is great, try riding your bike across the city, uphill, in a warm-ish summer night, listening to that song! And then: In English it makes much more sense. And thirdly: Andy Karl.

3) Next to Normal (German recording). This recording has a lot of flaws. Technically it’s not good at all. The sound is uneven, sometimes you hear the space around the singers, sometims you hear props making sounds and you get to ‘enjoy’ all this funny accidents that happened to the lyrics in translation. But you also get to enjoy this raw vibe I mentioned in my post about the production and the amazing singers over and over again. And in the end of the day we are happy about every single German production being recorded and – in a way – archived for future use. And whatever my opinion on this particular recording might be, I’m happy that they made the decision to record this production. Bringing Next to Normal to Germany surely was one of the bravest decisions I’ve seen in Musical-Germany for a while.

4) Fun Home. Yes, I am excited for the Broadway arrival of Fun Home next spring and I really hope for the chance to see it! First of all: A musical with not one, but three female leads (all three of them playing the part of Alison), with book, lyrics and music by women – yes, please! Discussing gender and sexual diversity – yes, yes, yes, please! And if these reasons weren’t enough – Sydney Lucas as small Alison has came to blow us away (so have the others, but Ms Lucas definitely nails it the most), her ‘Ring of Keys’ or ‘Al for short’ are so appropriate of the age of her character and the topic. Plus I always love when you get what happens on stage, when songs are so interwoven with the story you actually have a chance to get it without reading a synopsis while listening!

5) Heathers. A show I didn’t make to see when it was playing Off-Broadway this past spring and I was there. The only free slot in my theatrical agenda was the Wednesday matinee and guess what – yes! Heathers didn’t do Wednesday afternoons. The happier I was when I bought the recording and finally got to listen to it at least. So, a show with a almost 9-minutes-long opening is almost always a winner, these 9 minutes bring us directly into the plot. For the rest of it: DEAD GIRL WALKING! Find a version of it online, for god’s sake. The reprise is even more breathtaking.

6) Big Fish. After having had a serious addiction to this recording when it came out early in 2014, I just recently went back to it, because: Andrew Lippa. Norbert Leo Butz. Kate Baldwin. And while Bridges sounds like movement, like an animal or like something living for that matter, Big Fish sounds like bright colours. And no, I don’t say that because I saw the Broadway production and that, yes, was colours. Primarily blue and yellow. The recordings sounds more like a rainbow or a splash of many different colours all at once.

What were your favourites of 2014? I’d be glad to know! 🙂

Happy 2015, folks.

My top 5 things that moved me in 2014

…as an audience member.

I like lists and I cannot lie. I’m sorry, but the last weeks of a year just make me want to write lists. So here they come, the top 5 moments I experienced as a theatre-goer in 2014. In no particular order. And most of them involved crying and – funnily enough – other people.

1) My Mama just before seeing Anything Goes in St. Gallen: “Uh…I don’t like comedies like that!” Me: “Well, just sit and listen and watch and if you decide to like it eventually it’ll be worth much more, right?” Mama as intermission is about to start, smiling: “What you said just happenend!”

2) During a short trip to Dresden with my classmates from Leipzig, most of them wanted to go and see a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. As you might or might not know I usually don’t chose Shakespeare if I have a choice. And I had and to I took my classmate H to see the smaller scale production Weiße Flecken of the Bürgerbühne in Dresden (a phenomenon I mentioned in one of my newmusicaltheatre.com blogposts) by a director I know very well. Sensing her excitement and seeing how touched she was by what happenend on stage and talking to her afterwards about what we just had seen, which obviously a first for her, was great and made me not regret my decision to not have joined the others.

3) the very small production of Exit Paradise at Neuköllner Oper Berlin which I saw this fall. It was not so much about being moved or touched in a Bridges of Madison County kind of way, but it definitely was one of the most dense theatrical experiences I ever had. It was a small venue, the cast was highly energetic and acted/sung their bottoms off…

4) the closing performance of Barcode, a new chamber opera my mentioned classmate H and I were the dramaturgs for. After we had seen this production a lot, both of us probably didn’t expect this performance to be much different, but it blew us away. I guess we still are pretty proud of our singer-actors and what they accomplished.


This. Note the conductor. And I mean: This show as a whole. Whom am I kidding, right? (Who doesn’t know what I’m hinting at here, check out this post!)

Off Topic … Theaterkind und Schreibwaren

To the English speaking readers: This very German post is an exception today. Stay tuned for new English ones.

Heute aus gegebenem Anlass mal auf Deutsch (was für mich auch sehr ungewohnt ist…) – aber das hier ist ein so deutscher Post, dass es auf englisch kaum Sinn ergeben würde.

Auf jeden Fall ist dieser Post nicht gesponsert und ich hab das auch alles brav bezahlt. Nur einen Rabattcode benutzt, den Roterfaden der Bloggerin Ringelmiez nach ihrem superschönen Post über ihren Taschenbegleiter zur Verfügung gestellt hat.

Ich besitze jetzt inzwischen seit knapp vier Jahren einen Taschenbegleiter in Din A5 (wer jetzt denkt: Taschenbegleiter, hä? Dem/der sei wirklich der oben verlinkte Post von Ringelmiez ans Herz gelegt…), in dem ich immer einen Kalender, ein Notizheft und eine Klarsichthülle mit Kassenzetteln und/oder Karten, Memorabilia oder sonst was rumtrage. Daneben hab ich seit zwei Jahren ungefähr einen A4 Ausgabe des ganzen mit iPad Tasche hinten, die ich vor allem für die Uni benutze.

Mit dem Rabattcode von Ringelmiez habe ich dann die Gunst der Stunde genutzt und eine größere Bestellung gemacht – auch gleich meinen Kalender fürs nächste Jahr bestellt, weil ich ihn sonst immer erst panisch Ende Dezember bestelle und dann die ersten Tage im neuen Jahr ohne da stehe….

Also: Los geht’s mit dem, was in meiner Bestellung war…

IMG_2402Immer, wenn man so ein Paket von Roterfaden aufmacht, ist die Bestellung in dieses zartrosa Seidenpapier (?) eingeschlagen und dann ist es immer ein bisschen wie ein Geschenk auspacken. Von einem selbst. An sich selbst. Mmh.

IMG_2404Meine Bestellung im Überblick, von links auf 11 Uhr mit dem Uhrzeigersinn nach unten: Kalender (“Layout 2”), 3er Pack A4 Notizhefte Blanko, To-Do-Listen-Block, 3er Pack A4 Notizhefte mit Punkteraster und einen weiteren Kalender (“Layout 1”).

IMG_2405Nachdem ich im ersten Jahr mit dem Taschenbegleiter das andere Kalenderlayout benutzt habe, bin ich 2014 nun schon im dritten Jahr mit dem oben abgebildeten Layout und sehr zufrieden. Für mich (gerade mit meiner kleinen Handschrift) sind die Linien groß genug und ich mag es eine Übersicht meiner Termine nach Zeiten zu haben. Oben in den Blankoteil der Seiten klebe ich gerne Post-Its mit Informationen, Listen oder ich schreibe “feste To Dos” einfach dort über den jeweiligen Tag.

IMG_2406Dieses Jahr habe ich mir zusätzlich noch den Kalender im anderen Layout bestellt, als eine Art Tagebuch. Dieses wie letztes Jahr benutze ich einen A5 Tageskalender von Moleskine, wo die Seiten aber immer so groß sind, dass ich selten wirklich was schreibe (welch seltsame Kausalität…). Nun dachte ich, dass das vielleicht eine gute Alternative ist – pro Tag ist ungefähr Platz für 5 Zeilen meiner Handschrift und eben rechts die ganze Seite zum Einkleben von Sachen oder weiteren Ausführungen…wir werden sehen, wie das klappt.

IMG_2408 Jetzt kommen wir zum wirklich (auch für mich) spannenden Part der Bestellung. Dieses kleine Heftchen, das sichtlich schmaler ist als A5, ist ein Block mit linierten, perforierten Seiten – gedacht zum Einklemmen oder einfach Reinlegen in den Taschenbegleiter. Gerade habe ich To Do Listen vor allem in Form von Post-Its in meinem Kalender, ich bin gespannt, wie ich diesen kleinen Block nutzen kann.

IMG_2407Hier die Innenansicht des Ganzen. Wie niedlich ist denn bitte die kleine abgetrennte Linie, für Häkchen oder ein Datum oder so?

IMG_2410Neben den Kalendern und dem To Do Heftchen habe ich auch noch sechs (!) A4 Hefte bestellt, weil man a) nie wissen kann und ich b) ab Herbst wieder richtig studieren werde nach meinem freien Semester diesen Sommer. An die blanko Hefte bin ich gewöhnt, die benutze ich meistens für die Uni, die mit dem Punktraster sind noch recht neu und ich wollte sie unbedingt mal ausprobieren. Obwohl ich sonst unbedingt leere Seiten haben muss, ist es – gerade wenn es für die Uni ein wenig ordentlicher sein soll – doch manchmal ganz nett, ein wenig ‘Orientierung’ zu haben, und irgendwie erschien mir das Punkteraster wie die perfekte Mischung aus beidem.

Noch etwas kurzes zum Papier: Für meine A5 Hefte, wo ich inzwischen etwa halb-halb zwischen Roterfaden und anderen Marken mische, habe ich gern festeres Papier, weil ich dort gern mit Füller schreibe und dafür ist das normale Papier der Roterfaden Hefte leider zu dünn (man kann es machen, man sieht ‘nur’ die Schrift durchschimmern – aber die Tinte verläuft nicht, auch im Kalender) – weshalb ich da zu den Skizzenheften greife, wenn es Roterfaden sein soll. Andererseits passen eben (glücklicherweise) auch alle anderen Hefte im jeweiligen Din-Format rein, was gut ist – denn ich habe viele hübsche Hefte, weil: hoher Verbrauch.

Ein weiteres tolles Feature der Hefte sind die mitgelieferten Aufkleber in der jeweiligen “Jahresfarbe” (für 2014 ein strahlendes Hellgrün), die auf die Heftrücken geklebt werden können und für Ordnung im Heftarchiv/Regal sorgen. Ich liebe das (obwohl mein Hang zur Ordnung eher theoretischer Natur ist), würde mir aber wirklich wünschen, dass sie auch einzeln zu erwerben wären (und die alten Jahresfarben-Sticker vielleicht auch….), weil ich gerne alle meine Hefte so ausstatten würde…und eben nur Sticker in der jeweilgen Jahresfarbe des gerade laufenden Jahres mitgeliefert werden. Seien wir aber ehrlich: Ich werde keine sechs A4 Hefte vollschreiben in diesem Jahr…

Auf jeden Fall bin ich gespannt auf die Hefte und danke Roterfaden für die Zur-Verfügung-Stellung (?) des Rabattcodes zur Feier von Ringelmiez’ neuer (und sehr süßer) Website. Und diese Schreibwaren waren mir einfach mal einen seltenen Off-Topic-Post hier wert.

– Auch in den schwierigen Zeiten in den Krisenherden in Osteuropa und vor allem im Nahen Osten, dem ich mich oft sehr nah fühle. Ich sorge mich um alle Menschen dort und hoffe einfach, dass kein Extremist, egal welcher Religion, ‘Ethnie’ oder Nationalität er angehört, gewinnen wird. In diesen Zeiten fühlt es sich für mich noch schwieriger an über Theater zu schreiben.

Habt ihr Schreibwaren, die ihr liebt und ohne die ihr eventuell das Haus nicht verlasst? Mögt ihr eine Marke ganz besonders? Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mich das entweder hier in den Kommentaren oder auf meiner Facebook-Seite wissen lassen würdet! (und auch, ob ihr vielleicht manchmal einen kleinen Off-Topic-Post haben wollt…)

Ich wünsche euch ein schönes Wochenende!

Favourite Friday: Seeing the Joy

During Beautiful (both, the show AND the song!) I was lucky enough to be able to see both Jessie Mueller in her long blue dress at the grand piano AND the conductor Jason Howland. I could also see that the piano wasn’t so much of a piano, it was pretty much castrated (what would the Girl of Once say to that? 😉 ) – but I guess still mostly everyone agrees on Jessie Mueller doing an amazing job mimicking playing the piano.

Anyways, during this impressive piano-part towards the end of the song – I was able to see the joy of making music and the joy of acting as if one is creating music and, most of all, the love for music.

And this, my friends, is an important part of the theatre communities across the globe: We (mostly) love what we do and with some people you are lucky enough to see that!

You can get a sense of Ms. Mueller’s part of loving the music in this video!

What do you love?

Are you able to do what you love most?

The Stories

Ever since I chose to become a theatre person and I started spending time with theatre people I suddenly had something to tell. I started getting to know people I can actually like.

They make great stories – and I am a boring person. Just recently I told a friend: You know, I’m so boring – I only do exciting stuff like once every few weeks and keep telling people what happenend then so that they HAVE to think I’m an interesting person. (of course I am, but not in a “Heyyyyyy, folks, look, I did something exciting this past weekend! And it was AMAZING!” kind of way)

Anyways…I’m pretty good in making things up, but I’m not as good as the stuff is around my theatre environment.

I mean – for example yesterday something happened and it wasn’t even a good thing, but it was amazingly theatrical. My boss at the criminal dinner entertainment suddenly fired a blank from one of the revolvers we need as props in our office like 1.5 meters from me without giving me a heads-up. I have had some problems with my hearing/my ears in the past and that thing yesterday wasn’t even funny for me – I am still struggeling with the consequences kindly provided by that event.
But I really imagined me seeing a doctor about it and saying: You know, my boss fired a blank right next to me.

And that’s all it needed. And actually there are tons of stories like this, some of which include me getting injuried (e.g. this time the tenor made me hurt my knee) and some of those don’t – but all of them include my really bad skills when it comes to story telling.

What I was going to say: Theatre provides you with so many stories. The stories you might (or might not) see on stage and all the stories around that.

Valentine’s Day Favourites

Since today is Feb 14th and that means Valentine’s Day I thought I’d do something valentin-y. (Although I might as well can call me Queen of Being Single and that pretty much sums up what I think of Valentine’s Day)

But: Most pieces of musical theatre are full of love and drama and all that jazz. So why not write about my top 5 couples in musical theatre? This time they come in a “Top 5”-kind of order.

5) Penelope and Ulisse (Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria, Monteverdi)
Okay, I have a soft spot for love stories that include one of them having been absent for quite some time. And I like the music. The only production of       that I ever saw was the Komische Oper Berlin production (which in my opinion is the best of the three Monteverdi productions they’ve done two years ago) included one of my favourite baritones as Ulisse and he was amazing and it was so sad – and I mean how weird is it that you finally give in to marry some other guy and then a totaly new one comes a long, kills all of them and wants you to marry him and you don’t recognize him and then your maid has to tell you that he actually already is your husband? 😉 Nice story though.

4) Lucille and Leo Frank (Parade, Jason Robert Brown)
First of all, I love Parade‘s music anyway. Regardless the plot. And I’ve never seen a production of it nor read the script – so my judgement of the love story is only based on the music. But: This is not over yet is one of the most beautiful songs being primarily about something else but also expressing so much love I’ve ever heard. I love how in the beginning they seem to have their struggles and these are present throughout the music, but when Leo is imprisioned Lucille decides to stand up for him and do things. And: How sad is it that they somehow finally find their ‘real’ love and she makes the authorities to move him to another prison and then he suddenly gets killed? I mean…..really?

3) Diana and Dan Goodman (Next to Normal, Brian Yorkey/Tom Kitt)
This is a little weird. What we whitness when seeing/listening to Next to Normal is a marriage that already has last for almost 20 years, the birth of their first child kind of made them marry in the first place. Their child died and they – let’s be honest here – were stuck with each other. And now we see this disfunctional family with this ‘crazy’ mother, this ‘crazy’ daughter and – yes! – the ‘crazy’ father. Each in a very different way. But still Dan cares for her. He wants her to be good (maybe because that’s the reason he will be fine in the end, as long as he has her to care about he doesn’t have to face his own not-being-okay). All the way through the plot Dan seems to be the one doing so many things wrong. Making her undergo this ETC treatment, making her take the pills and in the end she leaves him to finally become ‘healthier’ again. And he is alone with his problems. In my opinion the ‘real’ love story with these two starts when the musical ends. Because….you never know, right?

2) Leonore & Florestan (Fidelio, Ludwig van Beethoven)
My love for Fidelio (or at least the 1805-version also known as Leonore) is pretty unconditional. I love the music, I love the Gender-aspect of it and the lovers’-duet “Namenlose Freude” in the end shows some kind of love that made her take all these ‘un-women-ishy’ things she has done during the opera. Of course this is not very emanzipated (a woman doing things only to be reunited with her man so they can be ‘complete’ again) – but we’re talking about 1805 – 1812, folks. And it’s a littly fluff. Although the almost three hours before “Namenlose Freude” are a little bit angsty and she’s confronted with so many things that she thinks she won’t be able to cope with and still she does. Go, Leonore!

1) Guy and Girl (Once, Enda Walsh)
Okay – this was the love story I totally cried my eyes out about when I saw it on Broadway last fall. They meet, they obviously fall in love with each other and she lets him go just because she thinks the ex-girlfriend is the best thing for him. She helps him getting out of a pretty dark place and not only lets hime go, but MAKES him go in the end. I mean how sad is that? And he – he totally accepts the way she doen’t seem to want to be with him and leaves. It’s just so sad. Let’s just read the saddest lines of the piece together, okay?

GUY: So what’s Czech for, “Do you still love him?”
(A pause)
GIRL: Ty ho este milujes?
GUY: So … Ty ho este milujes?
GIRL: Miluji tebe.
(We read “I love you” in the surtitles.)
GUY: What does that mean?
(She looks up above them)
GIRL: It looks like rain.

(Enda Walsh, Once, New York 2012)

I mean – really?

As you might have noticed I’m more a lover of complicated, not so typical lovestories (although I have the strong feeling that Francesca and Robert from The Bridges of Madison County will be on top of this list once I saw it…). After all that is what makes good stories, right?

So, my dear readers who have a valentine to spend today with, do so. I’ll spend it with work and after all that’s my valentine anyway. 🙂