Music Monday … For Good

“Good Lord, Lisanne! Are you serious? Giving us such a blockbuster kind of song for #MusicMonday?” – that’s what you might say.

And I say: YES!

After I’ve spend the past week with Stacy Wolf’s AMAZING book “Changed for Good. A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical” (it’s amazing! If you have the opportunity to read it, READ IT!) I needed some Wicked in my life. So yesterday for my Sunday afternoon spend in the library I pulled out my old and baggy Wicked hoodie I got when my Mom took us to see the show in Stuttgart when I was 16 or 17 years old, and today I’m giving you that good ol’ tune (not to mention that I’ll definitely will wear that hoodie again, because: Why not? Girl gotta be comfy while working, right?).

Have fun!

And it’s Stephanie J. Block singing – who can say no to this?

And while we’re at it…can we please take another minute out of your Mondays to listen to Emmy Raver-Lampmann riffing the sh*t out of “The Wizard and I” – I swear to whatever you like me to swear to that THIS will make your Monday be filled with joy and happiness.


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