5 Things I am looking forward to…

…doing once I handed in my MA thesis

I have talked about my MA thesis on here before, but now that it’s like around 5.5 weeks before I have to hand in that bad boy (or girl, haven’t decided yet) on June 1st my motivational list featuring ALL the amazing things I’ll do once I have this thesis finished grows. And I though it’d be fun to share. Especially since I guess there are a couple of things on there that only SOUND really attractive right now but won’t be anymore the moment I officially had time for them – the procrastination-witch probably makes them sound soooo good, then.

  1. watching the 5th season of Homeland. During the first two seasons I was like a die-hard fan of that show. Wasn’t too sure about the third and even more the fourth season then. Anyways – the 5th season is set in Berlin and it’s airing in German right now so basically everybody and their dog is watching it. I am not. Because I’m saving it. The fact that it basically will be summer once I’ve handed in the thesis won’t stop me.
  2. getting back into translating. The last thing I translated was Ryan Scott Oliver’s “Leave Luanne” for the last installment of schreib:maschine mid-March. Since then I’ve been riding my bike belting out German translations to one specific song, realizing that I’m neither a tenor nor a soprano (who knew? Well….I did!). And there’s a whole show waiting to be translated.
  3. cleaning, tidying up and purging – well, that might be a thing the procrastination-witch makes sound VERY attractive. But I have the feeling in case I have to move this summer I’ll happy about every box of books that I don’t have to move. Very, very happy. And maybe I’ll read Marie Kondo’s hit-book and get on the very hip minimalist-band waggon?
  4. making more of the last months of my BahnCard100. Since I have been a long-distance-commuter between Berlin and Leipzig for the last four semesters I have this very handy thing called BahnCard100 which entitles you to go on basically ANY train in Germany free of charge – because you paid for it in advance. It’s like a train flatrate. And I have placed to go this summer because I want to see all my friends and acquaintances perform in their summer shows. And I kind of decided I want to pay a return-visit to Lotte in Wetzlar since I’m REALLY up for a good cry and listening to the CD just doesn’t fix that. 😉
  5. Looking forward to the things that might come up. Or not. As of today my future is not set. I don’t know what I’ll be doing come fall. And I really try not to be too stressed out about that. Let’s see if that works.

5.5 more weeks. Good lord, time flies. I can’t wait to hand it in but at the same time I really don’t want to…Aaaaarg.

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