On what kept me from blogging

aka what I prioritized over blogging over the last couple of months

Folks! I’ve been absent on here, right? While I have been posting on the Theaterkind-facebook-page kind of regularly – on here there wasn’t all too much going on except for the odd #MusicMonday post here and there.

Clearly I haven’t been blogging, but: What have I been up to instead? Here’s the top list of what I prioritized over blogging.

Interning – many of you will know that I spent January and February living and interning in Munich. While I had a cool time in the theatre and within the production and I learned a lot about myself and how I want to work it was also cold and grey and snowy and….well…let’s say, my energy level was low. 🙂

Back in Berlin and facing all the stuff I had been postponing (including ALL the coffees with ALL of the Berlin based friends…) and BOOM I got sick. For two weeks straight. And I hated it. For the first week I could not even sit at my desk for half an hour.

Procrastinating. That sounds weird, right? I mean: isn’t blogging basically a form of procrastinating? It’s a fabulous way to spend time on things you shouldn’t be spending time on because other things are more important, right? When I sit in front of my computer because I REALLY should do stuff (e.g. working on my MA thesis which I have to hand in exactly two months from today) I really don’t like to do stuff. Can anyone figure out what I could possibly mean by that? Who wants to get stuff done when you could just watch a useless tutorial on youtube? Or what other people eat on a ‘usual’ day. Been there, done that – don’t judge.

Knitting. I am not even embarrassed. I really like knitting. In the end of 2015 I decided to knit 52 pairs of socks in 2016 (that project has its own hashtag on instagram…#52pairsin2016) and that is timeconsuming.

No ideas. Yep, I promised you (sort of) a comment on the things happening wth Stage Entertainment. And I could type up a little something about the work I presented at both the most recent Schreib:maschine and the one before that, but other than that? HELP me and feed me ideas? I could write a lot about knitting I must admit and maybe I’ll do that as an off-topic post, but…PLEASE! 😀


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