Month: March 2016

Music Monday … Heaven on Their Minds

It’s Easter Monday and what on earth should stop me from posting not only another #MusicMonday but also another JCS-themed Easter Monday #MusicMonday? Nothing, right? 😉 // for those who don’t know: two years ago (TWO!) I posted one of my favourite songs from JCS.

This one we’ll be listenting to today is kind of cheating – since I already shared this video on the Theaterkind Facebook-page a couple of weeks ago, but I found myself going back to this rendition of the song probably more often than I should have (hello, procrastination!).

Please all lean back and have a good listen to Jodie Steele who is giving us the ultimate female Judas with a song that I’ve defined as the MOST IMPORTANT one from Jesus Christ Superstar. Yep, I just said that. And I’m not taking it back.

Make the most of your Monday (which is a Monday off where I am), after hours of knitting I’ll be hovering the flat. And checking of the “Music Monday!!!!”-part of my to do list for today.

What are you listenting to today?