Music Monday … Take Me Home to Ireland

After a while I have a new #MusicMonday for you today. All my exams for this semester are done and I can go back to all the stuff I work on besides my studies – plus this semester this also means: Back to listening to things other than works by Isabel Mundry, Elena Kats-Chernin and Philip Glass which I was doing of my most recent exam.

Anyway – in a lucky coincedence the video I’m going to share with you popped up in my youtube-subscription-box when my ears were opening up again to new things. And as the fangirl of Kerrigan and Lowdermilk I am – I hit play.

Andy Mientus and Margo Seibert (who I LOVED in Rocky!) might help a little bit but I think I’m in love with the folky-kind of pathos in this song. And I’m not even embarrassed. 😉

A little bit of cheesy pathos is GREAT sometimes.



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