Music Monday … Odyssey

Oh LORD! When I posted last week’s #MusicMonday I was all like “YAY! Let’s get back into that blogging-thing. Like ALL THE WAY” – and you know what? Didn’t work out this way….I’ll tell you a little bit more about that sooner or later.

Anyway….better late than never I have a new one this week (and hopefully at leat another post before the next Monday) and it includes a song by Ryan Scott Oliver – let’s just pretend I’ve never EVER featured a song of his before….The funny thing about that song is that I’ve never really gotten into it and grew to like it before last night when a dear friend of mine asked me if I knew anything more about that song (and a potential musical it apparently was written for) and then one thing led to another and I was almost cancelling my plans for the night (knitting with a lovely group of ladies from Australia and the US) because I literally was so blown away by that song and the way it feels when I listen to it. Talking to my friend I was like “You know, it makes me feel so warm inside like a vodka-shot or something” and he went “Well, you seem to be an expert” and then at least I laughed really hard. Because everyone knows Lisanne and drinking stamina do not go together. At all.

Back to topic, though (it’s called #MusicMonday afterall and not #LisannetellsstupidstoriesaboutliquorMonday) – I’m talking about RSO’s rather old song “Odyssey” and as my friend put it: It captures the vibe of the odyssey in quite an amazing way.

So, sit back and listen on you Monday night. I hope your week was off to a great start.

What are you listening to?



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