#MusicMonday … Happy New Year

Guess what?! – It’s 2016!

And guess what? – I’m back! Hopefully. With a new #MusicMonday at least…

And what song/part of a show could be more fitting to our situation right now than “Happy New Year” from Rent? Right. Not. Very. Many. Songs.

Plus here’s a funny story: Last week I was meeting someone and we were talking, getting to know each other (that small talk thing, you know) and suddenly I was confronted with a question I haven’t heard in AGES.

“What’s your favourite musical, then?”, he asked.

And I was all like “uaaaahh” and “That’s a question to ask!” and trying to avoid an answer because – honestly – how could you?! Finally I went for the two shows I’ve probably spent the most time listening to, thinking and talking about over a long period of time. One of them being: RENT.

Rent basically was the musical that helped me through puberty the most, I knew all the words of “La Vie Bohème” and you could still wake me up in the middle of the night and I’d be ready to recite the song / No, that’s NOT a challenge.

But still, if I remember correctly the mention of Rent got me rolling eyes for an answer and I really didn’t want to have a very deep discussion why Rent is so important (you better don’t get me started on that). My second mention was a little bit more approved I think. 😉

Anyway….and now: HAPPY NEW YEAR from the last performance of the original Broadway-production.

(What have you been listening to over the past couple of weeks?)


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