Month: January 2016

10 Things I’m looking forward in 2016

As we already are three weeks into 2016 I’m pretty late to the party when it comes to all of that “I’m looking forward to XYZ in 2016”-business. But then…. WHO CARES?! I certainly don’t – as long as I have something to look forward to.

Anyway…look at these 10 things I look forward to in 2016!

1. I’m in Munich these days and I will continue to be here until the end of February because I’m interning at Gärtnerplatztheater. The production is quite fun and come February there are a couple of interesting things happening I’ve never done before as a dramaturg (one in particular….)

2. Right after I return to Berlin in the end of February I’ll be starting to write my Master thesis. While I guess that might be a scary thought for many people I actually look forward to writing. I cannot wait to hang around libraries with my writing buddies (you know who you are and you know I’m looking at YOU right now!).

3. Seeing so many of my friends graduate. With me there are is a number of my friend graduating from different kinds of study programmes. And as dreaful as this thought might be and I simply don’t know what will be next for me as excited am I to see what we all will be.

4. Just today I put a date into my diary for April, a lovely woman I met in Vienna when I was there this past September and I are gonna meet up in Hamburg to see the German production of Disney’s Aladdin. Because why not splurge when you might be facing unemployment from fall on, right?

5. Creating – in 2016 I want to stress creativity in my life, again. I used to make a lot of things happening when I was younger: I’d write like a maniac, make up stories, you name it. This year I’m hopefully FINALLY going to teach myself how to sew and I’m going to knit 52 pairs of socks in 2016 (I’m on pair 6 right now…) and I hopefully will be able to translate a little more.

6. Putting some work into solving some personal problems. This is something I can’t write a lot about since it’s rather personal, but let me just say: I finally worked up some courage to face some of my problems. This year. First step is to be taken 1.5 months from now.

7. Maybe travelling over to NYC this summer. You never can be sure what will happen but I hope I can make it. I’m thinking about the second half of July.

8. Having an essay of mine properly published. In a book. Hopefully. I mean it’s handed in and talked about and now we wait…let’s wait together.

9. Turning 25. I’ve been wanting to properly be a “mid twenties”-girl for some time now. It’s happening, folks, it’s happening.

10. People tend to know that I’m not really good when it comes to changes. But this year – in case it will come to changes (read: in case I’ll get a job straight after graduating) I’m totally up for them. Yep. Quote me on that.


Music Monday … Odyssey

Oh LORD! When I posted last week’s #MusicMonday I was all like “YAY! Let’s get back into that blogging-thing. Like ALL THE WAY” – and you know what? Didn’t work out this way….I’ll tell you a little bit more about that sooner or later.

Anyway….better late than never I have a new one this week (and hopefully at leat another post before the next Monday) and it includes a song by Ryan Scott Oliver – let’s just pretend I’ve never EVER featured a song of his before….The funny thing about that song is that I’ve never really gotten into it and grew to like it before last night when a dear friend of mine asked me if I knew anything more about that song (and a potential musical it apparently was written for) and then one thing led to another and I was almost cancelling my plans for the night (knitting with a lovely group of ladies from Australia and the US) because I literally was so blown away by that song and the way it feels when I listen to it. Talking to my friend I was like “You know, it makes me feel so warm inside like a vodka-shot or something” and he went “Well, you seem to be an expert” and then at least I laughed really hard. Because everyone knows Lisanne and drinking stamina do not go together. At all.

Back to topic, though (it’s called #MusicMonday afterall and not #LisannetellsstupidstoriesaboutliquorMonday) – I’m talking about RSO’s rather old song “Odyssey” and as my friend put it: It captures the vibe of the odyssey in quite an amazing way.

So, sit back and listen on you Monday night. I hope your week was off to a great start.

What are you listening to?


#MusicMonday … Happy New Year

Guess what?! – It’s 2016!

And guess what? – I’m back! Hopefully. With a new #MusicMonday at least…

And what song/part of a show could be more fitting to our situation right now than “Happy New Year” from Rent? Right. Not. Very. Many. Songs.

Plus here’s a funny story: Last week I was meeting someone and we were talking, getting to know each other (that small talk thing, you know) and suddenly I was confronted with a question I haven’t heard in AGES.

“What’s your favourite musical, then?”, he asked.

And I was all like “uaaaahh” and “That’s a question to ask!” and trying to avoid an answer because – honestly – how could you?! Finally I went for the two shows I’ve probably spent the most time listening to, thinking and talking about over a long period of time. One of them being: RENT.

Rent basically was the musical that helped me through puberty the most, I knew all the words of “La Vie Bohème” and you could still wake me up in the middle of the night and I’d be ready to recite the song / No, that’s NOT a challenge.

But still, if I remember correctly the mention of Rent got me rolling eyes for an answer and I really didn’t want to have a very deep discussion why Rent is so important (you better don’t get me started on that). My second mention was a little bit more approved I think. 😉

Anyway….and now: HAPPY NEW YEAR from the last performance of the original Broadway-production.

(What have you been listening to over the past couple of weeks?)