Music Monday … My Lass, She Tied Her Lace to Me

Sometimes you just need a more concentrated tune to start your week with, right?

Then I’ve got the P E R F E C T #MusicMonday for you.

Some of you, especially those who follow my twitter and/or know me personally enough to go through ALL the videos and tunes and translation-talk with me, know that I’ve been on a HUGE Ryan Scott Oliver-kick lately. Yes, I know….again.

And because I can’t share all the amazing stuff from Jasper in Deadland with you (because if you aren’t like a very close friend, let me tell you, my Jasper-talk will get on your nerves!) – I share with you a beautiful song beautifully filmed and produced and – to be honest – what’s better than that on a Monday morning in the beginning of November?

RIGHT!  – Not much!

So, lean back, have a coffee and listen with all the listening capacity your ears possibly have to offer.

What are you listenting to these days?

Have a great week!


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