These are a few of my favourite Things … October 2015

October came and went and now we’re in the second to last month of 2015! I can’t quite believe it. Anyway…for me this past month was an exciting one – my 3rd semester in Leipzig started which is also my second to last and by now I’m almost half-way through it. Time’s flying by, folks!

Favourite Night out with the Shows

I kinda knew that already and that’s why I’ve waited with my favourites-post until today. Among the five nights I’ve spend out at different theatres seeing different shows I have to say last night was my favourite. I went to see the last performance of “Die letzte Kommune” by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund at Grips Theater. That wasn’t only a huge throwback to the times when I used to work there on and off from 2009 until fall of 2011 and seeing many familiar faces had me in quite a bit of nostalgia. That performance showed me how a show can get people to (emotionally) participate, how a production welcomes people to spend time with the characters on stage and how the audience enjoys the time they have together and articulate their responses to what the see. That’s what probably had me fall in love with the Grips idea in the first place. A little more than 6 years ago.

Favourite Night in with the Show-tunes

Does it get boring? Hamilton…again, again and again. Damn this amazing music.

Favourite Thing on Twitter / The Internet

I’ve been following the @BroadwayGirlNYC twitter for a while now and she has always impressed me (plus: in case I ever decide Theaterkind doesn’t fit me anymore I’ll to a secret-identity-thing just like she did!), but to me she totally nailed it when she went to see the bi-lingual (English / ASL) revival of Spring Awakening on Broadway in the beginning of the month.

She posted this on twitter and I was so touched by it:

Favourite Youtube-Video

I started teaching a very small kind of class at my current study programme in Leipzig about  Anyways, I kicked it off with showing them a couple of videos on Youtube and doing that I re-discovered a video I used to obsess about for weeks after I first saw Once on Broadway which (FUNFACT!) was my first show on Broadway ever.

I’m talking about the Tony-performance of Once, when they performed “Gold” in  2012:

Favourite Moment

I got to work at Bundeswettbewerb Gesang again, only three days for the first round of the competition in Berlin, but more is to come in the end of November/first week of December. I always enjoy working there and I literally can’t wait for the final rounds.

Plus, another favourite of the month was my good friend who has been living in the South of Germany for the past two years, came up for a visit! Yay!

Special Favourite: Favourite Activity That Isn’t Remotely Related to Theatre

I have to admit: Still knitting. I’ve knitted 7 pairs of socks in the month of October. I got so much knitting done that I got myself a shoulder / back problem. Yay. And I’m really digging my BodyCombat class right now once again. I love it.

Look at my current sock-count:

What did you do?

Have you had any great theatre-related moments?

Or any favourite moments at all?


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