On why it’s okay…

….to splurge on theatre tickets (once in a while)

People who know me, know that I like a good old splurge once in a while.

It can be a handbag, a lipstick or an expensive item of clothing (I might have bought a pair of Italian wool pants a couple of years ago for MUCH too much money and most of what they’ve done was hanging around my closet, because they are now 2 sizes too big and I’m too lazy to take them to the tailor…) – but more often than not it’s about theatre.

Even though I just recently typed up a post about how to see Broadway shows without spending a fortune, I’ve left a TON of money over there, mostly because I get obsessed with shows easily and when I’m there and they are blockbusters and I want to see them I buy tickets in advance (hello If/Then, Bridges of Madison County – I’m talking about you!). And just recently I’ve purchased West End tickets and it hurt a little bit – mostly because I was too worried a) I wouldn’t be able to see Gypsy otherwise and b) wouldn’t be able to take my Mom to Billy Elliot. Plus: When you’re in London for 1.5 days and your last visit was 10 years ago when you were pretty much a kid anyways you don’t wanna spent your day in Rush Lines, do you?

But regardless of how much money I’ve spent on theatre ticketd abroad, I’m rather conscious about my theatre spending habits when I’m home. Party because I HAVE to be otherwise I wouldn’t be even close to be able to afford all the things I get to see – for this year it has been around 70 nights out seeing productions and it’s September. Even in the unusual event of going to see a show produced by Stage Entertainment I’m trying to wait for the big discounts and hunt down the best bagains – there might have been even some occasions in which I’ve stayed up for the sole purpose of getting the best bargain-tickets for a production some time last year.

I LOVE discounts and bargains. I think everyone does, but – and that’s gonna be my point for today – it’s also okay to splurge on tickets once in a while. It’s okay that – if you really want to see a show – you pay good money for it, it really is. If you know it maybe is your “big thing” of the year or it’s on a vacation or a holiday or something. Or maybe it just features an actor / a singer you’re the TOTAL fangirl for.

I’m not really sure why most people understand that it is okay to pay a lot of money to see like Madonna or Taylor Swift live on tour, but not for theatre.

If you are a not too frequent goer and you can afford it, go ahead, spend your money on theatre – it’s one of the best things to spend it on, really. If you can’t afford it, look at ALL the discounts, because even then theatre is a good thing to spend money on.

In my small little naive Theaterkind-world.


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