Music Monday … God, I Hate Shakespeare

After my almost three weeks long hiatus because of summer I’m back. With a new #MusicMonday. And for that event I’ve picked a song I got the giggles numerous times while driving around the hills for Britain.

I mean, I think at least since this Shrek recording we would be on the same page when it comes to Brian D’Arcy James singing-acting-chops being SO funny and not vain at all. And this song lets him show every teeny-tiny bit of it.

I wanted you to see him while singing and so I found you a video of his performance when they released the recording earlier this summer:

And a video with lyrics and a better quality:

When we’re really honest here I’d say it’s kind of a cathartic moment to have someone sing “God, I hate Shakespeare” a number of times. Because whe hasn’t had a time like this in his life?

Although I’m aware of honourable exceptions… of them I’m friends with…..

What have you been listening to this past week or this past weeks?

What are you going to listen to today?

I’d be thrilled to hear!


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