Music Monday … You Don’t Know

Last Monday I went to a small concert in which class mates of a close friend of mine presented translation works of another fellow class mate (that sounds confusing?!) – anyway, there I realized that there are certain songtitles repeating themselves. In this concert we had two “Quiet”s, the Jonathan Reid Gealt one and the Tim Minchin one from Matilda. And this #MusicMonday one is another one of these more common songtitles. I mean this all could be just in my head, but one of my FAVOURITE songs from Next to Normal is “You don’t know”, so….. Anyway, this one is one of the songs added in when they kind of re-vamped Bare: A Rock Opera to be Bare: The Musical Off-Broadway in 2012. I recently discovered this song and this rendition in particular when I was on a “YAY! Let’s listen to ALL the songs written by female composers on Youtube!”-trip. The one thing I’ll say before I send you off to listen (and watch!) this video is: Does anyone else gets this really intense feeling that the music is pressing down on you when (female) voices are arranged rather closely together?

(btw. that’s the composer Lynne Shankel playing the piano)

What are you listening to today on this hot summer Monday?



  1. Oh helloooo Bare, old friend. There was a time in my life where that show (both The Rock Opera and The Musical) was my everything and I did not listen to anything else. Good old angsty teen years, harrharrharr.
    Anyway: “You Don’t Know” is one of my favorite songs from the score (and funnily, one of my favorite N2N songs as well). I totally know what you mean by the music pressing down on you. And I have never seen/heard this version before and didn’t know the singers and I instantly fell in love with it. Such a powerful rendition, thanks for sharing! (And now I’m off to search more Andi Alhadeff stuff on Youtube, byeee.)

      1. I literally heard Emily Skegg’s voice saying “Nothing else worth writing home about” in my head when I was writing that comment.
        (And I might be a liiittle jealous right now.)

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