Music Monday … High

Happy Monday! I’m super blown away by the return of my own discipline to post on here again regularly – anyway, it’s a new week, it’s a new Monday and this is why it’s time for a new #MusicMonday! Recently I re-discovered a song by Scott Alan from his own musical-project formerly named “Home”, just now it had been renamed “Fly Away, Home” (as fas as I understood).

This song is actually one of the songs I literally cannot WAIT to translate in German one day….#daydreaming

See yourselves, folks, I have two different versions of this song for you:

a) Allie Trimm – who made here Broadway debut back in 2008 in Jason Robert Brown’s “13” (from which, fun fact about me as a nerd, “A little more homework” was played at my high school graduation when I walked up to get my diploma) – back when she sung that song she probably was the age of the character, as we can learn during the song….

b) And Cyntha Erivo, who is going to be Celie in the Broadway Revival of “The Color Purple” this season. I mean: HELL YEAH!

I hope with these videos your week is off to a …. relaxed …. start. 🙂

What are you listening to today?


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