Music Monday … So kann’s nicht weiter gehen

Once more a late #MusicMonday this week – but you know what? A late Music Monday is better than no Music Monday, right?

This week I want to give you a little hint on what to expect on this blog tomorrow….it’s not really a hint, I’ll just say it: A week ago I saw the originally German musical “Lotte” in the small German town of Wetzlar and before I finally get my sh*t together and write down my thoughts (sorry, German once again…) I want to give you a little impression of the music. Although I think it’s not nessescarily the best example to show you the musical “vibe” of the show, it’s as much as we get. So, we have to just roll with it and get to know a little bit of Werther and Lotte with this Demo. And for the non-German folks on here: Yes, you can sing in German. And no, it’s not always funny.

What have you been listening to today?

And over the last week?

What’s your summer show-tune?


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