MusicMonday … Crayon Girl

Long time no #MusicMonday….but since I so want to get back into blogging as in actually writing things on a regular basis and post that on here, I thought a MusicMonday post would be a good (re-)start. – Although this not-blogging is kind of a lie: over on the Theaterkind facebook-page there’s plenty of stuff going on, at least more than here, over there you can stay up to date with all the shows and performances I see, it’s fun!

Anyways…this week’s MusicMonday is a song I’ve been OBSESSED with for more than three weeks now. When I went down to Ludwigsburgs to see a friend (that’s the short version, there is a longer one, but is doesn’t have to do anything with music or Monday….) a little more than these mentioned three weeks ago I spend the whole 6hrs train-ride listening to this Ryan Scott Oliver song over and over (and over and over and over and over) again. And although I also LOVE Lindsay Mendez’ version of the song, this one quite stole my heart!

I think “And I want it out – out – out of my head and onto paper!” should be a general motto in the creative community. I’m sure it is, but we should be saying it out loud a litte bit more often.

What are you listening to today?

What have you listened to in the last weeks?

What’s your favourite new music discovery of this summer?


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