Music Monday … Believe

We all know I sometimes get a little obsessed with musical numbers. I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if that didn’t happen once in a while aka all the time. And when we all take a trip down memory lane we’ll be able to see how in love I was with Norbert Leo Butz’ performance in Big Fish.

For this week a similar character from the new and upcoming Broadwayshow Finding Neverland has stolen my heart. Although I am not the biggest fan of effects in musicals, Go big or go home!-style just for the sake of (special) effects. But I like watching people (acting like they are) making things up in this very moment. This was the case with Big Fish when Edward Bloom is making the world bigger than it really is and it is the case in the video / song I’ve chosen for this week’s #MusicMonday. We can see someone creating a(n alternative) reality for people who agree to play along at some point.

This is what theatre (well…in most of its forms) is in its essence whether you like it or not. This it what it means to be someone who watches theatre, who keeps going to see performances. And seeing this agreement you take part in every single night you see a show being performed on stage it – in my opinion – joy.

So let’s sit back and enjoy the ride!

Happy Monday! What are you listening to today? 


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