My Week #50, Feb 22nd – Mar 1st

what I saw
honestly? Nothing! I haven’t been to a single theatre-performance in two weeks. Haven’t been to the cinema although I should have gone, Into the Woods is finally out in Germany. I’ve been rewatching some German tv shows instead.

what I read
some essays about gender and camp and queerness in musical theatre for an upcoming class I might be “teaching” soon.

what I listened to
I literally have been obsessed with the opening of Lift by Craig Adams and Ian Watson – whenever I needed a little mood-lift (pun NOT intended) I listened to it. And you should, too. It’s on Spotify, fo there and just wait for that “Covent Garden”-passage. Some oldies in my list of favourites were listened to as well. Can we all guess which one that was? 😉

what I did
Right now I’m interning 5 days a week (I was only supposed to go there three days a week, but then my contract with one of my other jobs was not extended right away – which leaves me without a job for now. But that does not matter because….HEY….I’m an UNPAID intern right now) in the evenings I usually went to the gym, had two criminal dinner performances to manage and I went out with my loverly friend who came for a visit from Frankfurt! We had the bestest time! 🙂

Oh, and of course…..yesterday I freaked out in happiness a little bit….because: the Theaterkind facebook page FINALLY hit the 100 likes! I knew it would happen sooner or later. So, let’s make the 200 happen as well, right?

What did you do?

Have a great new week!


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