Month: March 2015

Music Monday … On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship

Sometimes oldies are goldies.

Yesterday I went to Leipzig to see the last ever class of (contemporary) musical theatre students doing their last performance of Songs for a New World. Ages ago, when I was still in high school, I used to be obessed with it and there are so many memories tied to the score! I haven’t listened to the score in its entiery in a while, though. Of course there are songs like Steam Train and King of the World that are amazing to listen to when riding your bike or doing anything higher energetic…but I also almost forgot about how heartbreaking I’d give it all for you is! (I seem to have a thing for these JRB-love-songs) A song I almost completey forgot about and I’m slightly embarrassed to say so, is On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship! I just remeber how obessed I used to be with this acapella parts, I’d listen to them over and over and over and over again for hours.

So let’s take time this Monday to revisit my teenage obession! If you own the recording, play it, it’s an amazing version on there.If you don’t…

a) buy it! It’s worth it!

b) Spotify sure has it.

c) I found this one and it sounds rather nice.


International Women’s Day

People who know me personally or are just familiar with me talking about what and how I (would) like to work usually know how much I am into everything ‘gender’ (this sounds so weird. SO WEIRD!). I’m getting a lot of my (academic) inspiration from what Judith Butler wrote, especially from Gender Trouble‘s second to last chapter. Basically 80% of my undergrad classes in my major dealt with gender and how we see bodies (on stages and I’m trying hard to keep in that way in grad school. While I am usually primarily thinking about how gender might be constructed in certain theatrical productions, in certain moments through music, action, dance, language….basically whatever you could think of.

A big part of my private personality is about being a feminist which (to me) means: I am all in for equality of all people. And if that means rooting for women for a while in order to get us (women, society) as far as we can get in equality – so be it. That certainly doesn’t mean I don’t like men or the work of men. In fact some of my very dear collaborators are male and I will continue to work together well with men. Why shouldn’t I?

But – and there is a big, big B-U-T!

If you have been following this blog you might remember my post about two major competitions held in (musical theatre) Germany these days I posted a while ago (if you don’t: check it our here!) and if you – aditionally or alternatively follow me on twitter you might have guess that I’ve recently jumped on the gender parity waggon, mostly because of the amazing (journalistic) work the ladies at The Interval do.

Actually this has – especially in musical theatre in Germany – bothered me for a while. While in most other genres of theatre women tend to become more and more likely to cover high(ish) positions – it isn’t the case with musicals.

What I wanted to leave here in order to celebrate international women’s day today is: The men in our community are doing good work.

But – and here it finally comes, the big B-U-T – let’s just raise awareness for now. May I ask you to – every time you go and see a show, will you read the names of creative teams and just take a moment? If there aren’t any women in it or if there are, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just think about gender parity in German musicals, okay?

And for those you are making the decisions: I would love to see women and girls encouraged to do work in our business.

I have a hard time starting out myself and I would LOVE to see and meet other young professionals working in/with musicals! But just for now I wish us all (women AND men) to have a fantastic women’s day which I will celebrate by going to Leipzig and see my college’s production of Songs For a New World.


Just in case you were just thinking I was making things up here or you need some kick to start thinking about gender parity in theatre, Frank Wesner took this impressive shot last Monday during the first preselection of works at the CREATORS contest I mentioned earlier and in the other post liked above. Pictured are the creators of the five new musicals featured in this preselection. Do I need to say more? 😉


Music Monday … Believe

We all know I sometimes get a little obsessed with musical numbers. I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if that didn’t happen once in a while aka all the time. And when we all take a trip down memory lane we’ll be able to see how in love I was with Norbert Leo Butz’ performance in Big Fish.

For this week a similar character from the new and upcoming Broadwayshow Finding Neverland has stolen my heart. Although I am not the biggest fan of effects in musicals, Go big or go home!-style just for the sake of (special) effects. But I like watching people (acting like they are) making things up in this very moment. This was the case with Big Fish when Edward Bloom is making the world bigger than it really is and it is the case in the video / song I’ve chosen for this week’s #MusicMonday. We can see someone creating a(n alternative) reality for people who agree to play along at some point.

This is what theatre (well…in most of its forms) is in its essence whether you like it or not. This it what it means to be someone who watches theatre, who keeps going to see performances. And seeing this agreement you take part in every single night you see a show being performed on stage it – in my opinion – joy.

So let’s sit back and enjoy the ride!

Happy Monday! What are you listening to today? 

My Week #50, Feb 22nd – Mar 1st

what I saw
honestly? Nothing! I haven’t been to a single theatre-performance in two weeks. Haven’t been to the cinema although I should have gone, Into the Woods is finally out in Germany. I’ve been rewatching some German tv shows instead.

what I read
some essays about gender and camp and queerness in musical theatre for an upcoming class I might be “teaching” soon.

what I listened to
I literally have been obsessed with the opening of Lift by Craig Adams and Ian Watson – whenever I needed a little mood-lift (pun NOT intended) I listened to it. And you should, too. It’s on Spotify, fo there and just wait for that “Covent Garden”-passage. Some oldies in my list of favourites were listened to as well. Can we all guess which one that was? 😉

what I did
Right now I’m interning 5 days a week (I was only supposed to go there three days a week, but then my contract with one of my other jobs was not extended right away – which leaves me without a job for now. But that does not matter because….HEY….I’m an UNPAID intern right now) in the evenings I usually went to the gym, had two criminal dinner performances to manage and I went out with my loverly friend who came for a visit from Frankfurt! We had the bestest time! 🙂

Oh, and of course…..yesterday I freaked out in happiness a little bit….because: the Theaterkind facebook page FINALLY hit the 100 likes! I knew it would happen sooner or later. So, let’s make the 200 happen as well, right?

What did you do?

Have a great new week!