Things that make me be excited for 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I did a similar post last year in which I stated things I was excited for in 2014 – one year later, here we are with 2015 starting all around us and I have a feeling this year will bring, yes, more theatre!

Care to read? Please!

In the end of January I’ll hop on an over-night-train to Linz, Austria, where I will be attending the annual conference of the Dramaturgische Gesellschaft (dramaturgic society). This conference will focus on popular theatre and will feature quite a few talks about musical. I’m invited there by their scholarship programme and I’m excited to meet young dramaturgs. Linz also has an interesting theatre for the musical theatre enthusiast, they don’t only show operas and operettas, but they have like 6 musical singers permanently contracted and they usually do great productions (so I’ve heard). While I’m there they’ll be showing Company (SONDHEIM!), Show Boat and The World Goes ’round and I really hope to get to see those.

Only a week after the conference, in early February, I’ll be heading the other direction, North – to Hamburg. My classmates from Leipzig and I go up there to attend the final weekend of the Lessingtage-festival. I like my classmates and we usually have fun. 🙂 So it should be fun.

Up until June I’ll have the opportunity to dream about my dream summer for this year. The moment June comes around it either will be there or not. But first I have to apply for stuff. And keep my fingers crossed. You should keep yours crossed, too, because if I make it to my dream-summer, this blog has exciting times ahead.

After the summer I’ll be starting my third semester in Leipzig, oh boy! In between school and work and more work and more work I hope to queeze in a trip to Vienna, because I haven’t been there in too many years and there are quite a few things things going on over there theatre-wise.

Today is the second day of 2015. That makes 363 more to come. And overall I’m pretty excited what 2015 brings me as a growing-up dramaturg, a translator gaining more and more experience and for the writer that’s still somewhere inside of me. Maybe I’ll make some of my translations public? Maybe I’ll kick of a new project with musical theatre people? Maybe I’ll do none of the above, maybe I’ll do more.

Who knows. Life would be too easy knowing all these things.

Have an amazing 2015 and let me know what you are excited about this year!



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