Month: October 2014

Music Monday … Live out loud

So long no Music Monday… Lately I’ve been on some kind of Andrew Lippa kick and since I’ve re-discovered Spotify I have been able to test some things I’ve never listened to before. So I came across A Little Princess by Andrew Lippa. Some people might know that I have a soft spot for a good ‘I am/I want’-song and if it is a female one it’s even better.

This song – of course – seems to have some kind of pre-mature (is this a thing?)  energy and power and breezy. And I think that might be why I’ve fallen for it at the first listen.


What do you think?



My Week #46, Oct 12th – 19th

what I saw
over the last couple of weeks when I took a break from these weekly recaps I didn’t see all too much (the German production of Bonnie and Clyde will get a special blogpost hopefully up next week…), but this past week I’ve seen plenty of things.

I attended the first installement of the ‘new’ schreib:maschine an open-stage-kinda-thing for musical theatre writers.

On Thursday some of my new class mates from Leipzig came over to Berlin for a litte visit and we went to see Tee im Harem des Archimedes, a play at Deutsches Theater.

On Friday we went to see Christoph Marthaler’s latest project at Volksbühne Berlin: Tessa Blomstedt gibt nicht auf. Featuring a lot of cheesy songs and being hilarious and out-going and very quiet at the same time, but attracting a weird audience.

And yesterday I went on a little adventure to Düsseldorf to see the last preview of the German production of the Shrek musical.

what I read
sadly reading and I took a little break, I read parts of of a book called “Oper als Aufführung” and magazines.

what I listened to
Because I saw Bonnie and Clyde late last month I went through a massive phase of listening to the Broadway recording of that. I got a little into listening to Andrew Lippa’s Little Princess and, of course, I listen to everything I can find from Jasper in Deadland.

what I did
For the first three days of this week I worked with the very first call for participants of this year’s Bundeswettbewerb Gesang in Berlin. Then: Working, finally some working out again and as mentioned earlier yesterday we jumped into the strike to hop on our train to across the country to Düsseldorf. Before that I spend enormous amounts of time on trains to and from Leipzig, but to be honest I really enjoy commuting. 🙂

What did you do?

The Theaterkind facebook page is only 6 away from 100 likes! Can we make it? That’d be AWESOME. 🙂

Have a great new week starting tomorrow!

Why blogging isn’t on top of my priority-list right now….

Folks…I might or might not have noticed posts have not been coming very frequently over here. There are various reasons, but only one of them is really interesting.

As of this week I started my second take on grad school, not in my home- and most recent town of studies, Berlin, but in Leipzig, about an 1-hour-highspeed-train-ride south from there. Earlier this summer I had been accepted to the Master’s dramaturgy programme, so as far as I can see I’ll be some kind of dramaturg in two year’s time. (this is so illusional, but still…). However I didn’t move to Leipzig but stayed in Berlin, because I have good work there, I have contacts and even though I keep complaining about the musical theatre community in Germany – in Berlin we probably are the closest to what that could mean in Germany. Plus I live in this fabulous living arrangement with my mother and can afford an one year unlimited pass to Deutsche Bahn.

Now I’m officially a commuter. As I am typing this I am on the train to Leipzig and I must say: I enjoy the trainrides. I always have.

However, now that I’m adjusting to my new schedule, my new workload and basically a new way of living, blogpost haven’t been coming that regularily and will continue to do so. I’ll try my best to keep up, but I can’t promise anything.

Just take this as a short “hi” from me. And the train. And Leipzig.
Read you soon, guys!