My Week #45, Sept 8th – 14th

what I saw
nothing, I was lazy. But, wait: I spend my Sunday watching a couple of old Tatorts…

what I read
I started reading the second installment of Thomas Mann’s Joseph-books and I just really don’t get into it….

what I listened to
still loads of Sunset, a little bit Anything Goes and Giant (the Off Broadway recording with Brian D’Arcy James and Kate Baldwin)

what I did
dropped into the final week of rehearsal of our new criminal dinner entertainment production twice, spend one afternoon/evening at the office to help prepare the opening which was on Saturday and then I got sick and had to stay in bed with a fever on said Saturday – which sounds totally like me, oh boy! And I got through a dentist appointment.

Plus something very exciting: I kind of finished my first ever translation of a song from a musical!! (Yay!)

What did you do?

The Theaterkind facebook page is only 6 away from 100 likes! Can we make it? That’d be AWESOME. 🙂

Have a great new week starting tomorrow!

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