My Week #43, Aug 18th – 24th

what I saw
as far as theatre is concerned I saw three performances during the Tanz im August festival:
Michael Clark Company: animal/vegetable/mineral which was quite nice to watch but wasn’t a very ‘occupying’ thing if you know what I mean
La Veronal: Siena which left me with quite a few questions because so many things just came along as “Why? THAT’S WHY!” sort of elements.
and lastly Rosas & Ictus: Vortex Temporum which I enjoyed the most of those three. Actually, I liked it quite a bit.

And then I binge-watched the first season of The Paradise which a friend wanted me to watch. It took a bit until I was hooked, but I liked it – although it’s not as shiny and the people are not as pretty as in Mr. Selfridge – which is a horribly superficial thing to say. 😉

what I read

I read two essays in a journal/magazine called Studies in Musical Theatre, as well as another essay by Hannah Arendt about politics and Saša Stanišić’s Wie der Soldat das Grammofon repariert, which another friend recommended.

what I listened to
pretty much the same things as I did last week. Summer-listens.

what I did
nothing all too exciting. Sadly. But there are quite some exciting things to come up soon.

What did you do?

The Theaterkind facebook page is only 5 away from 100 likes! Can we make it? That’d be AWESOME. 🙂

Have a great new week starting tomorrow!


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