My Week #39, July 21st – 27th

what I saw
probably I should say too many videos on Youtube…because that’s how I roll these days.

what I read
as I posted on the Theaterkind facebook page I finally started reading Changed for Good. A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical by Stacy Wolf. Let’s see how I like it when I’m a little bit more into it.

what I listened to
just as last week the Broadway recording of Rocky and If/Then and I listened to the new recording of Violet a few times. And I am still amazed by how funny Bullets over Broadway is.

what I did
I did some very serious letter-writing for a private matter which I was very glad to get over with, I wrote a concept for a project-thing with a friend and went to Ikea to get picture frames. 🙂

What did you do?

The Theaterkind facebook page is only 6 away from 100 likes! Can we make it? That’d be AWESOME. 🙂

Have a great new week starting tomorrow!


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