Music Monday … Run Away With Me

Okay, this is a song I have listened to so many renditions of it’s not even funny anymore. In a way this song as carried and escorted through the years and I grew a lot more mature during the time I have known the song.

A week or two ago I stumbled about the latest version of it on my Youtube subcription page, because as the good girl I am I of course am subsribed to the channel of Kerrigan and Lowdermilk (and you should be, too, honestly….) – and I remembered an older version of it sung by the same singer which I actually enjoyed a lot.

I’m talking about this six year old video:

If you have a look at it, you’ll this is a very romantic, taken back interpretation of this song. I love how shyly the character is acted and and vocally – I mean, please!

So – this new rendition, six years later, six years older this one happened:

At first I was a little bewildered – it kind of sounds rushed in some parts a little too rushed. Well…as I was listening along and taking it in I completely fell in love. With the singing, the acting, the song (once more) and the character we are presented. He is shy – in a very different way from the earlier one, but still: He is shy, but this whole story seems so much more urgent to him than it does in the first version.
I love this take on it and I mean…even if you don’t like the acting (which would be sad, but perfectly fine!), this song is amazing, isn’t it?


What are you listening to today?
I’d be delighted to hear!


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