Is it almost July already?

Seriously: Where did this first half of 2014 go?

Anyway, we can’t stop the time, but we can think about what happened. I won’t bore you to death with a deconstruction of my life over here, but what I’ll do is recap what I have seen in the theatres until now. 2014 is actually my first year I have kept a statistic (an excel sheet) on how many and what kind of performances and shows I have seen from the very beginning of the year – and since I did one of these year-recap-posts for 2013 I thought, after half a year it’d be interesting as well.

Overall I have seen 55 ‘things’ in the first six months of 2014. 55 events I have attended and spend time at. I keep it extra vague to not specify: was it a show? Was a kind of dance performance? These 55 events took place in 5 different cities in 3 different countries. Most of them oviously in Berlin, because that’s the city where I live and were I spend most of my time: 37 to be exact. Followed by New York City with 11 events, St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Kiel (Germany) with 3 each and Zurich (Switzerland) with one.

In my glorious excel sheet I have made up some kategories to tag the shows (just in case I can’t remember what they were about). The totally random tags I made up are: Opera, Musical, Dance, Play, Concert and Performance (usually to refer to hybrids which can’t be classified) and of course, since these ‘pure’ forms of the above don’t tend to appear, there are various twin categories such as Musical-Play, Dance/Performance For the purpose of this recap I went over these again and decided on one of the tags.

So, in the first half of 2014 I saw…

19 performances tagged with ‘Musical’
12 tagged ‘Opera’10 tagged ‘Dance’
7 tagged ‘Play’
6 tagged ‘Performance’ and
1 concert.

The month I saw the most in is definetely March with 16 shows/performances/nights spend in theatres (of course with my massive New York theatre experiences) followed by April with 12 and Juni with 11. While I needed some time to get into the new year and saw only two and fours things in January and February respectively.

Some of you now might think that I am crazy, right? And yes, I am – but it kind of is my ‘job’ (which basically means it is tightly related to the experience-aspect of my studies) to go and see stuff in theatres. As many different things as possible.

In addition to all my viewing-efforts I have managed 14 performances of the criminal dinner entertainment I work for.

So far it seems like a very theatrical-busy year. And I have some exciting (theatre related) news which I probably will share as soon as they are set in stone. 🙂

Have a great start into the second half of the year,
xoxo Theaterkind

Oh, and stop! I’d LOVE to read what you saw and how many nights to spend in theatres in these first months!


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