My Week #36, June 2nd – 8th

Since my last “I’m back!’-post nothing much happened over here, but with a week coming to an end and a new one starting tomorrow I might just go back to regular series of posts.

what I saw
I went to see Barrie Kosky’s production of West Side Story at Komische Oper Berlin yesterday, I was lucky to get a ticket although it was basically sold out. I liked some parts and disliked some others…

what I read
I read some text by Brian Massumi when I waited for my appointment in Leipzig to happen.

what I listened to
I kind of returend to listening to Next to Normal since I was thinking about it quite a lot recently. Other than that I listened to Bridges (can there ever be a week without this again?!) and some other stuff across my iTunes library.

what I did
Spend quite some time on long haul trains – on Tuesday we travelled back from Switzerland on the train and on Friday I did a quick trip to Leipzig and back. ´

What did you do?

Are you curious and can’t wait for my posts to see what I thoughts of the shows I saw? On the Theaterkind facebook page I posted pics of the ticket stubs with small thoughts for every show I saw – head over there and check it out!

Have a great new week starting tomorrow!


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