I’m back!

Well….this was quite some hiatus on here!
Yesterday I returned from my little prolonged holiday-weekend-trip to St. Gallen and Zurich (both in Switzerland, for those of you who aren’t that familiar with European places…), where I saw four shows all together and spend some lovely time hiking around St. Gallen and running by the Zurich Lake – and I got myself quite some tanlines around my (big) sunglasses…well, well.

Anyway, everytime I return from a trip I’m pumped with motivation around my blog and blogging and keeping up and I promise, I will not let you wait all too long for new posts!
I know there are still some reviews missing from NYC and I’ll definetely write something about Bridges, although it now is already closed and the other shows I haven’t written about yet.

Nonetheless I have a busy month ahead of me, with lots of time spend on long-haul-trains, and I still am in some kind of in-between-phase since I don’t know for sure yet what I will be doing next fall studywise – so, let’s see how this works out.

During my time in Zurich I snapped the pic of a very theatre-centered ad (it was for a festival-installment)….it is very fitting for theatre in Germany/German speaking countries.

"Manchmal sind unsere Schauspieler auch nackt" (engl: "And sometimes, our actors don't wear anything, too!"), spotted in Zurich, Switzerland

“Manchmal sind unsere Schauspieler auch nackt” (engl: “And sometimes, our actors don’t wear anything, too!”), spotted in Zurich, Switzerland

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