Who remebers the post about my top 10 websites for musical theatre lovers?

One of the websites I included there was – more specifically their blog which can be reached by clicking this link. In early April, around the time I was in new York, they posted on there that they were looking for a new bunch of guest bloggers, so after I returned, I quickly typed up some things and – boom! – Lisanne is blogging for a American (!) website about musical theatre. Those of you who follow my facebook-page or my twitter already know that, but in my opinion that’s still very exciting, because I am the only continental European blogger (there are two from Britian I guess) and after all English is not my mother tongue.

Last Sunday my first deadline came around and Hannah, the editor of the blog, informed me, that my first post will go up this coming Friday! This post (as well of most of the following) will mostly be about how I think about how contemporary musical theatre is done in Germany.

Until then, I just leave you a link to my bio as a current blogger on to enjoy and this Friday I’ll probably freak out about my first post over there. 🙂


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