Month: May 2014

Music Monday … Living Dead

I know, I have featured the musical this song is from already. For those who don’t remember it’s right here. But over the last couple of days I remember how much I loved the energy of the New York production of Jasper in Deadland (thoughts on that are to be up here soon, I promise!) and I went a little crazy over Living Dead, especially this version from 2011 linked below. I love how the music produces energy producing the music producing the music. (I know, logically, this isn’t possible, but remember: theatre scholar talking about music, right here!)

So, listen and take a moment to appreciate the rawness of the music and the energy. 🙂 And: Happy Monday, folks!


My Week #35, May 5th – 11th

As you might have noticed my writing motivations is kind of sucking right now, I have been sick for most of the last two weeks, in addition to that I was slightly put off by some things and I had some work to do. So little writing, but I’ll try to be better over the next week. 🙂

what I saw
Abendliche Tänze by Christoph Winkler, a “kind of” reconstruction of Mary Wigman’s piece of the same name.

what I read
some more interviews from Lyn Cramer’s book Creating Musical Theatre: Conversations with Broadway Directors and Choreographers.

what I listened to
The recording of The Bridges of Madison County, but I also did some serious binge-listening with a version of “Stroke by Stroke” from Jasper in Deadland Ryan Scott Oliver posted on Youtube a couple of days ago and I’ve shared on my facebook page. Plus I returned to listening to 35mm which was also written by Ryan Scott Oliver.

what I did
I was sick for a big chunck of this week and the one before, I mostly worked from home and yesterday I went to manage was might have been my last show of the season with Krimidinner.

What did you do?

Are you curious and can’t wait for my posts to see what I thoughts of the shows I saw? On the Theaterkind facebook page I posted pics of the ticket stubs with small thoughts for every show I saw – head over there and check it out!

Have a great new week starting tomorrow!

Who remebers the post about my top 10 websites for musical theatre lovers?

One of the websites I included there was – more specifically their blog which can be reached by clicking this link. In early April, around the time I was in new York, they posted on there that they were looking for a new bunch of guest bloggers, so after I returned, I quickly typed up some things and – boom! – Lisanne is blogging for a American (!) website about musical theatre. Those of you who follow my facebook-page or my twitter already know that, but in my opinion that’s still very exciting, because I am the only continental European blogger (there are two from Britian I guess) and after all English is not my mother tongue.

Last Sunday my first deadline came around and Hannah, the editor of the blog, informed me, that my first post will go up this coming Friday! This post (as well of most of the following) will mostly be about how I think about how contemporary musical theatre is done in Germany.

Until then, I just leave you a link to my bio as a current blogger on to enjoy and this Friday I’ll probably freak out about my first post over there. 🙂

Excuse me!

When I first clicked on my startpage I was like: What? Music Monday was my last post?

But then I remembered, I had weird things to do on Tuesday (like dropping our car off at the garage to get him – we call him Jochen – summer tires and through TÜV) and from Wednesday on I was totally knocked out by a flu-like cold including everything you could imagine: fever, my whole body was hurting…now it kind of has eased a little bit, I’m coughing now and my body temperature is almost back to normal.

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me and so there won’t be any new show-thoughts coming up until next ´Tuesday – too bad and I am already really behind on my show thoughts from my NYC trip.

And can I ask you a favour? Can you please keep you fingers crossed for me over the weekend?

That’d be amazing!