Music Monday … The Temple

Well…given the Christian holiday most of us – those of us living in a Christian country, being socialized to be Christian in any way – celebrate(d) over the last couple of days this choice isn’t a surprise, right?

But: I am not a huge Webber fan, I don’t really like Cats and Evita and such, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the rockier songs of Jesus Christ Superstar. While I was revisiting one of the recordings I own I realized how much I’ve always like ‘The Temple’. I mean, the difference between all these voice layered on top of each other and basically ‘screaming’ for attention, then Jesus enters, screaming oven louder and more and higher and then suddenly everything’s quiet and for a moment it seems like a totally new song is going to start.

I really just like that.

And the thought of making people go away.

What are you listening to today?

Did you have a nice holiday weekend?


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