Music Monday … Louder Than Words

The last couple of days I thought a lot about politics and politicality of theatre – basically that’s what I think about most of the times, but somehow it became an issue over the last days, not only but also because I found out that a conference called “Dance and Politics” which will be taking place in early May is not so much about dance and politics (like: political issues, discourse and stuff), but about dance and cultural policy (!). This misunderstanding was probably caused by me misunderstanding the German word “Politik” als politics and not so much as policy. Anyway, thinking about politics and theatre and why we do what we do, made me stop my continous listening to snippets of the recording of The Bridges of Madison County and return to Louder Than Words from Jonathan Larson’s show tick, tick…Boom!

Because: Action speaks louder than words.

(while for me it’s more like: words, words, words.)

What are listening to today?


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