Music Monday … Stroke By Stroke


On Sunday, March 30th I saw a performance of Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster’s show Jasper in Deadland Off-Broadway. RSO’s music already had been featured in my Music Monday series before, but this song from the show is so amazing! I just really love how the rhythm of the music resembles the rhythm of swimming (or how I imagine it to be….I’m so not into swimming, I could totally be making this up! But it kind of sounds like running and swimming can be quite similar to running, right?) – a fighting, struggeling kind of swimming at least, the water is giving you a hard time… And it’s actually performed a few times during the show at different points of the story and everytime is kind of gets a new vibe.

Anyways – I REALLY hope for a recording of that gorgeous music, because: I like the show and the music so much. (detailed thoughts will be up soon, though…)


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