On My Way

Folks, I’m too excited! Only six months and two days after my first trip to NYC I have the amazing opportunity to go back already!

(Thanks to my AMAZING Mama here!)

I’ll spend the next 9 (10) days over there in this amazing city (I’ll be happy to read any recommendations of you – especially when it comes to eating for eating-autists like I am. Salads? Juices? Smoothies? But also: Record stores, book stores and stuff like that), but I of course also will see theatre. And this is what I’m even more excited for than the city alone.

Last time I went I we saw 7 shows/plays plus a concert: Once, Big Fish, First Date, Newsies, Pippin, Fetch Clay Make Man and Matilda.

This time I have planned a whole lot more and I hope my girls (Mama and my sister) won’t be suffering from a kind of theatre overkill. Especially since this spring on Broadway is very interesting, I’m happy to be able to fly over once more.
The shows I’ve planned to see and write about (so you folks are going to be able to read about them) are in this order:
The Bridges of Madison County
Les Miserables
Jasper in Deadland (Off Broadway)
Bullets over Broadway
Once (once more, because…..it’s just Once)

We are also going to see Aaron Lazar’s concert at 54below on April 2nd which also is the day where I might try to get into Rocky for the matinee. And we kept the last night free for us to each go and see the show again which we liked the most (and which has tickets avaliable). We are also splitting up to see different shows Sunday afternoon – while I go uptown to see Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster’s Jasper in Deadland, my girls are going to see Matilda, since my sister loves children and the movie and that pretty much makes it the perfect show for her.

So, keep your eyes open if you’re interested in Broadway thoughts over here!


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