My Week #30, Mar 18th – 23rd

what I saw
Gypsy at the Red Rose Club, directed by Martin G. Berger. For my thoughts on that clicke here: Thoughts.
Super Night Shot, Gob Squad, HAU 1, a little (rather) cool.
Iphigenie auf Tauris, directed by Barrie Kosky
Ohne Titel Nr. 1, (directed) by Herbert Fritsch, Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz

what I read    
my lovely friend S. gave me a book for my birthday. Glücklich die Glücklichen by Yasmina Reza, I’m not too far in, but….

what I listened to
Big Fish, Violet and recently I returned to Bonnie & Clyde because I’m waiting for the Artus recording from St. Gallen.

what I did
I finished my Hebrew class and I liked it (if anyone for you is reading this: today at the gym there was a girl in front of me with לקוות tatoo-ed to her neck), I worked and went to see stuff in theatres and yesterday I got all messed by from my excitement to go to NYC next week!


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