Music Monday … Ring of Keys

Last week a CD I eagerly waited for arrived with the mail. It’s the recording of Fun Home, the latest work of Jeanine Tesori which also is a collaboration with Lisa Kron based on the ‘graphic memoir’ by Alison Bechdel. Basically most of the message boards are full of people raving about the show which closed off Broadway on Jan 12th after three extentions (if I remeber correctly). There are quite a few great songs that are very nice to listen to – especially these kind of naive, playfull but at the same time very serious (lyric-wise) songs that Small Alison (Sydney Lucas) sings.

But the one that stole my heart and found its way into my ear (permanently….right, it’s stuck there) is Ring of Keys. First: That girl’s performance is great in my honest opinion. Second: That description of that lady, butch, delievery worker is so amazing – childlike and yet rather grown-up.

I’m a big fan! Let me know what you think.

Ring of Keys on Soundcloud

And lastly: What are you listening to today?


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