My Week #29, Mar 10th – 17th

what I saw
Schwestern im Geiste by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund and the 3rd-year-students of UdK (thoughts on that coming soon!)
Dawn at HAU 3 (technically I haven’t seen it yet, gonna be there tonight)

what I read    
I read some small episodes from the Hebrew bible. And some other Hebrew texts.

what I listened to
on Thursday the recording of Fun Home came in the mail. And that’s basically what I’ve been listening to since then. Before there was some Violet (again that and Fun Home are by the same composer, btw) and some more Drew Gasparini.

what I did
I started a new Hebrew class. It basically is a two week intensive class, five days a week from 10am – 1pm. And I have super much fun speaking Hebrew again. Finally. On Tuesday my new mattress was delivered and a friend from high school came over. Basically this was a social week – I met four different friends for coffee or an afternoon snack or a post-work-tea. The weather is at least kind of great so I enjoyed running in the mornings and riding my bike to class across the city.


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