Music Monday … Avalanche

This is a totally fake Music Monday, because basically: It isn’t Monday. Yesterday there were so many things going on (I’m back to Hebrew class for the next two weeks! Every day from 10am to 1pm) – and then I had to take my mattress off of my bunk bed since it got picked up today and I got my new one.
Okay, let’s see what I got int he wings for our belated Music Monday this week.

I just recently returned to an ‘old’ favourite song of mine. I first heard Avalanche when I bought the Kerrigan-Lowdermilk-CD “Live”, which I also featured in my post about my top 5 musical (theatre) recordings of 2013. And I mean – Lindsay Mendez is worth every single listen you give.
It’s a totally gorgeous song, it has its drama and its long notes and everything you desire. You can totally feel it moving and falling and can we just take a minute to talk about her performance which is unreal?!

What was your song for the beginning of the week?

I’d be thrilled to read about it. 🙂



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