My Week #28, Mar 3rd – 9th

what I saw
Robert Wilson/Philip Glass: Einstein on the Beach
Jeremy Wade: Together Forever
Alain Platel: tauberbach

what I read    
I wish.

what I listened to
some here some there, I was intrigued by Peter Schmid’s latest Youtube post, check it out here: Another Day, Another Time. And Einstein on the Beach really made I Feel the Earth Move stuck in my head. And I really got caught again by Drew Gasparini’s I Could Use a Drink (“A little bit” is the song regularly playing in my head while running…for an hours, for one and a half hours…whatever) and Violet.

what I did
I changed my mobile phone plan provider (whatever you call this) and I celebrated the international Women’s Day with a kinda nice 13.4k run (It was nice for the first 12k, but the last one REALLY sucked) – but nonetheless I really want, that one day every woman on earth knows that she can be strong, physically and mentally (says the weird one with no heavy duty lifting muscles…).  And as I put it when I was talking with a friend: I’m back into the relationship with my on-off-on-off-on-off-boyfriend Hebrew. I signed up for an intensive class starting tomorrow. Level B2. Let’s see, grammar-wise it shouldn’t be a problem, but – oh, Lord! – the words….

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